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Personal Trainer SEO

Personal trainers play an important role in the lives of the people they work with, often focusing most of their efforts on best trying to do what they can to help clients reach peak physical fitness. In their efforts to be as good as possible at their respective jobs, personal trainers often lose focus when it comes to advertising their services online.

The concept of search engine optimization (SEO), or the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines, is an area of major concern to most personal trainers because they will need to be visible online in order to acquire new customers. All personal trainers will need to have websites, but those websites also have to perform well for there to be any hope of possible success.

The bottom line remains that for most personal trainers, their websites are far more than just being bios meant to inform people of a trainer’s qualifications. A personal trainer website instead needs to be focused on an outreach that creates a willingness to engage by a website visitor so they feel compelled to make contact and purchase services.


SERP Matrix handles various websites in the health care industry, including personal trainers. In addition to the greater Houston area, we also serve clients in other parts of Texas and locations throughout the United States. We understand the metrics involved in search engine result page (SERP) rankings and can make sure that your personal trainer website is functioning to the best of its ability so you are getting a maximum return on your investment.

People searching for personal trainers will probably use Google or some other search engine to try and find one. These searches are the new alternative to yellow pages, so you must tke full advantage of every free online advertising space.

The phrase local SEO refers to searches like “personal trainers near me” or searches incorporating specific location data such as zip codes or cities. Name, Address, and Phone Number (commonly abbreviated simply as NAP) data listings need to be accurate so personal trainers can rank as highly as possible and be the most likely websites to be clicked.

SERP Matrix deals with reviews on websites like Google or Yelp that impact SERP rankings. We can not only help you generate more positive reviews from your existing clients, but we also know the most effective ways of dealing with negative reviews so their harm can be minimized.

We can also provide you with a business listings scan that includes a SERP Matrix Review Platform and lets you generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers. SERP Matrix also offers an SEO services guarantee that meets or beats any guarantee offered by a comparable SEO firm and provides a refund of a portion of fees for which services were not performed if we do not complete services per the written agreement.

When discussing four SEO tips for personal trainers, WebFX wrote that personal trainers should optimize for keywords, create quality content, and incorporate responsive design. The final step was to monitor site performance, with a special emphasis being placed on page speed, which WebFX said was “one of the most important factors you’ll want to monitor.”

Personal Trainer Web Design

Many personal trainers have extremely detailed ideas of what they want a website to look like, but others may be more focused on covering all of the different categories of items to be included on a website. SERP Matrix can work comfortably with either one of these types as we will work to craft a website that looks good and functions as intended.

You will start with completely original content writing that gives you totally unique web pages unlike anything else on the internet while containing all of the desired keywords. Our team can make sure to use the needed calls to action (CTAs) that generate conversions and lead to real phone calls.

SERP Matrix also handles professional photography services which allow for high-quality images of employees, equipment, and other items related to your business. Many personal trainers rely on the same tired stock images that dominate all websites, but you can be confident knowing that everything on your own website will be wholly unique and one of a kind.

Our team also handles mobile app development issues, which is an increasing area of concern for most websites nowadays because of the growing use of cell phones or mobile devices to browse websites. You will want to be sure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing so you are constantly capable or performing as expected.

In an evaluation of the 10 best personal trainer website designs in 2019, UDTech factored design, usability, creativity, content, and mobile on 10-point scales to craft its ratings. The top-ranked website had a “smooth design, simple navigation, easy-to-read content, and mobile adaptivity.”

Digital Marketing for Personal Trainers

SERP Matrix can also assist with landing page design and testing so you can be confident that a landing page is meeting your expectations. Our team will regularly track the numbers and make adjustments to ensure that visits are converting.

SERP Matrix also assists with reputation management issues, which can be especially problematic for personal trainers that are often involved in close relationships. Our team will be able to help you carve out a positive identity online so you can go about your business with a renewed sense of confidence.

SERP Matrix also handles all link-building efforts, as hyperlinks are incredibly valuable to SEO concerns. You can count on us to remove all links to your website from bad sources while also earning you new links from trusted and reputable sources that generate more positive showings in SERP results.

Email Marketing for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers may also turn to SERP Matrix for help with newsletter advertising or email newsletters (also known as e-newsletters). Our team can craft a regular newsletter however often you would like that contains all of the desired information and may generate even more traffic for your website.

You can also turn to us for press release services that could be of further promotional benefit. A press release can often be an incredibly cost-effective promotional tool that offers long-term benefits when the release happens to be picked up by a major search engine.

PPC for Personal Trainers

Many personal trainers will now turn to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because of its solid return on investment. You can count on SERP Matrix to help you run a winning PPC campaign that is highly targeted and helps you generate real conversions that lead to new clients, and we will be committed to overseeing a successful campaign that far exceeds your expectations.

We have a wealth of experience navigating PPC campaigns of all sizes for various companies in a wide variety of different industries. You can count on our team to give you all of the numbers involved in your campaign and evaluate the success of every keyword so you are kept completely in the loop concerning every single detail of your PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing for Personal Trainers

SERP Matix also handles social media marketing for personal trainers on such websites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is no denying that social media is one of the primary ways many customers communicate with personal trainers, so these accounts need to be utilized to foster continuing relationships.

Our team also handles logo and graphic design services that could be of benefit to social media profiles. SERP Matrix also handles video marketing services that could include a number of features ideal for social media use.

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