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SERP Matrix builds sophisticated websites to help our clients in a variety of industries solve their most complex business challenges. Our focus today is providing a complete suite of Internet marketing and Web development services to B2B and B2C organizations of all sizes. Our solutions are efficient, flexible, easy to maintain, and perform flawlessly across devices, browsers, and operating systems—your website can be everywhere your users are.

With the fast-paced world of digitization, it has become difficult to maintain an on-board staff of qualified professionals who can address the growing demands that technology places on employees and employers. Additionally, the cost of hiring specialists to tend to the growing demands of marketing can be prohibitive.

For these and other reasons, hiring a digital marketing agency is often the best course of action for companies who are seeking to establish their products and services online and in the world.

High Impact Business Marketing

SERP Matrix will work with you to deliver a Digital Marketing Plan for your business using our six-step process:

Our deep knowledge of the industries we service allows us to execute high-impact Internet marketing campaigns to generate high-quality sales leads.

  1. Developing an effective digital marketing strategy 
  2. The creation and maintenance of an effective website platform 
  3. Generate more traffic (Blogs, Social Media, On-site/Off-site SEO, PPC campaigns) 
  4. Convert traffic to leads 
  5. Convert leads into sales (Lead intelligence, segment leads, lead nurturing, email marketing, CRM integration)
  6. Metrics Measured (Traffic Statistics, SEO Success, PPC Costs and Rates, Blogging Effectiveness, Social Media Audience Size, and Growth, Email Subscribers)

Our proven success in these industries, coupled with our industry-specific knowledge and resources, sets us apart from other Internet marketing companies.


If you need help designing and developing a website, digital marketing, or SEO for your industry-driven business, SERP Matrix can help you develop content to increase business, create a sleek and user-friendly website, and provide optimization that will drive business to increase revenue. 

You can have us explore what you need and what will work best for you when you call (713) 287-1134 today.


Advisor & Consulting Web Design


Protecting and growing your wealth is one of the most complicated endeavors for any individual, family or business because it involves too many facets that are governed by obscure rules. For many people, finance management means taking care of their financial obligations like mortgage and other loans, insurance, various household bills, and taxes. It also involves planning what to do with their salaries, savings, and investments.If you’re a financial advisor, your website can provide a lot of crucial tips to your visitors. But to ensure they actually know about your website, you need to work on SEO.

Automotive Web Design


Automotive professionals are urgent. You may have cars to sell, limos to rent, or a carwash that needs more business. Countless individuals are searching for automotive services on a daily basis, and advertising your business with digital marketing and SEO will place your brand at the forefront of your competitive industry. Leverage web design, online advertising, and local search engine optimization to get your automotive business up and running.

Construction Website Design


The construction industry requires hiring managers and supervisors to constantly be on the lookout for new talent and opportunities. Through robust web design, SEO, and digital marketing strategy, our team of consultants help you discover the untapped potential of your business. You may be an architect trying to showcase your talents, or you may be a leader of a commercial construction team. No matter where you are in this industry, we’re here to help you increase your revenue.

Day Care Web Design


Every daycare website we create is developed with Search Engine Optimization. This means that we will work together to create a list of your top keyword phrases so that we can include those in your new website. We have years of knowledge and experience in achieving excellent rankings for our clients when it comes to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Education Web Design


Many people don’t know the opportunity that lies before them with regards to this industry. But facts are facts: this market is enormous and is expanding in a BIG way. It makes sense when you think about it. People are foregoing traditional methods of learning due to the benefits of e-learning, which includes convenience and cost savings. Organizations are realizing the same and opting for e-learning initiatives instead of live training events.

Financial Web Design


Financial advisers, bankers, and other finance professionals understand the importance of what they have to offer, but many do not know how much clientele they are missing out on by not investing in digital marketing. Consumers and individuals are looking for the best advisers and banks to guide them along their financial journeys, and having a strong web presence will help you stand out from the crowd.

Food & Beverage Web Design


Going out for a drink or meal is one. Houston is known for its diverse culinary scene, but with so many new restaurants, food trucks, and bars entering the local market, it’s getting harder to. To truly take your business to the next level and gain new customers, you’ll need to invest in a strong digital marketing campaign that makes everything better. Our team provides food service businesses and professionals with the resources and expertise they need to present their offerings in the best light possible.



You want your medical website to show up at the top of Google’s search results. Why? Because 73 percent of patients turn to search engines when finding a health practitioner, and 89 percent of consumers turn to a search engine when they’re looking to solve their healthcare queries. Since 55 percent of searchers click on one of the first three entries, if your hospital or treatment center isn’t in the top three, you’re losing patients to your competitors.

Home Services Website Design


The home services market is exploding with competition today, as major online companies dive into services such as plumbing, lawn care, home cleaning and home repair — and capture more of the market share. That’s why, now more than ever, there is more competition for brands in this industry — and why knowing how to use and strategize home services marketing is so important.

Industrial Web Design


Industrial professionals require strong marketing plans to truly take advantage of their place. Business-to-business marketing requires you to make the most of your challenges and efforts, and it also requires you to begin working on your business-to-consumer relationships. Through search engine marketing, social media coordination, and web design, SERP Matrix’s veteran team of advertising professionals help industrial professionals gain an advantage in a playing field that constantly changes.

Manufacturing Web Design


Designing, testing, and manufacturing a product is a multifaceted process, much like digital marketing. If you’re creating a new product to sell to your clients and you have no idea how to notify them, our marketing team has a formula in place to help you turn your new product into an item that consistently sells to your target demographic. Work with our marketers and project managers to discover your customer persona and a detailed, customized advertising plan that builds your online presence to new heights. Our search engine optimization efforts help manufacturers build brand authority while popularizing their items for sale.

Nonprofit Website Design


SEO often gets overlooked due to time constraints and a general lack of understanding of its importance or how to get started. Nonprofits can especially struggle in this area, as you may not have the resources to hire an SEO expert or the knowledge to get started yourself. However, ignoring SEO can hurt your cause, and small changes can lead to big wins in site traffic.

Oil & Gas Web Design


Oil and gas is highly regarded as one of the most lucrative industries in the world, but many oil & gas professionals fail to reach their financial goals not because of ineptitude, but because of a lack of advertising strategy. Oilfield technology professionals and oilwell contractors face unique challenges when marketing their products and services, but the payoffs can be huge. It all starts with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that establishes your web presence as one to be reckoned with.

Personal Services Website Design


Personal service requires people, if you’re ready to take your services to a new level, you need more clients. The development of your personal services is contingent upon you making sure you’ve got the right answers and options for the people who are searching for what you have to offer. If you’re a personal trainer, wedding planner, or any other type of service provider, our marketing efforts are here to make sure you have the support you need to structure your business plan.

Real Estate Website Design


The real estate industry is extremely competitive – both offline and online. With tens of thousands of small, mid-sized and large companies vying for their share of the market, finding a client is always a challenge. The good news? The hyperlocal nature of real estate gives a viable chance to the smallest of businesses – provided you properly optimize your site for local search.

Retail & E-commerce Website Design


Creating a product and marketing it to the masses is not easy. Retailers are everywhere, and every industry is filled with online stores, many of which are competing for the same customers. If your product is listed for sale but you’re concerned about your brand’s popularity, our team can help using industry-leading marketing techniques and landing page creation. Our marketing strategies propel retailers and online stores to new heights.

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