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A video production that captures and captivates an audience is good. A video that converts is better. Communicating a clear message is our top priority. We’re here to help guide you through those difficult marketing and messaging decisions. We’ll team up with our digital marketers to develop the strategy and the messaging your video needs to succeed, and then we’ll plan, produce, and get the polished product back in your hands—all from our agile in-house team. Our video production team produces high-quality videos using professional stock or company footage, high-quality photos, and royalty-free music. We can also hire a voice-over artist to present your information in a clear and concise manner. Video content is emerging as a staple marketing strategy in the local niche market industries we serve. Be involved in the process as little or as much as you want!


Stuck with the usual brand videos and in desperate need of something a little more inspiring for your corporate promos?

You’re in luck! The promotional video production team at SERP Matrix Digital Marketing Agency is here to build the creative promotional video you need. Our corporate video production services concentrate on creating top-notch media that knocks your communication objectives out of this world and leaves your customers smiling and perhaps a little teary-eyed. As a production company, we want to learn the big picture and every detail of your company as well as your vision. And if you’re doubtful of what you’re after, we have a creative collection of commercial promos to inspire your digital marketing strategy. Check out Sample 30, 60, and 90-Second Promos for the industries we serve.

Video Description

SERP Matrix is a full-service digital marketing company based in Houston, Texas. We work with local businesses, brands, and everything in between. We are the digital marketing agency you need. Whatever your company desires, we can help you develop and grow.


What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short videos that help to illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways in less than 2 minutes. Being one of the most potent resources for content marketers today, they aim to describe your company’s products (or services) in a way that resonates with your target audience’s pain points — introducing your solution as the best solution. Using an explainer video can help your company generate leads, reduce bounce rates, foster brand awareness, and increase conversions. 

Video Description

Do you need to optimize your existing website content to improve your Google or other major search engine ranking? SERP Matrix provides website SEO services for businesses of all sizes in many different parts of the country.


What is social media video advertising?

Are you looking for an effective way to measure ROI and track the effectiveness of your social video ads? Look no further than SERP Matrix! Our robust social media marketing campaigns allow you to maximize the impact of your video ads so that you can reach your goals in no time. Try SERP Matrix today and see the difference it can make! Reach your audience, achieve your company goals, and take your social media presence to the next level with SERP Matrix’s Social Video Ads. Our video ads are tailored to each platform, so you can reach your target audience and achieve your desired results. Unlock the potential of social media with SERP Matrix!

Video Description

Struggling to get your business off the ground? With a SERP Matrix Social Media Promo Video, you can increase your visibility across all platforms and get more customers for your business. Discover how our amazing videos can help you reach new heights with cutting-edge designs and powerful storytelling. Learn from our experts & discover how to make the most out of the latest video editing tools!


Animated videos for business are a great way to share your story, show the human side of your business, and communicate highly complex ideas in an easy-to-digest manner. It is a vibrant, engaging medium that is cost-effective, easy to manage, and will help your key points pop. Animated videos are one of the most effective tools to engage your users and drive them to take the desired action. They are great as explainer videos in order to engage your audiences, bond tightly, and call them into action (CTA) in the most efficient way. They are far more cost-effective than live-action videos.

Video Production FAQ

Marketing in the past few years has changed from offline marketing to digital marketing and making video content is an essential marketing tool for any business or industry.

The average cost of an explainer video ranges between $2500-$5000. The final production costs depend on the animation style, production quality, and video length.

SERP Matrix produces and creates, Promotional Videos, Explainer Videos, and Animated Videos

Google owns YouTube, if you have awesome videos online and people search for content that you produce, having videos embedded on your website can increase your search engine rankings.

If you have a vision, a script, or an idea, we will work together to make sure the story you want to tell is creatively told for your audience. Otherwise, SERP Matrix has an in-house story lead (copywriter) that develops the concept and writes the script.

We try to turn everything around within an average of three business weeks. However, depending on the size and complexity of your project the timeline will reflect accordingly. During our initial meeting, we’ll be able to give you an accurate estimation of how long the project should take.

Absolutely! We have worked with all kinds of clients. Whether you have no idea where to start, or you have the whole video planned out, we can provide any level of help or support you may need.

The length or running time of a video depends on a number of factors. The video’s purpose, goal, and advertising medium are all considered when deciding on the proper length for a script.  From 5-second-long commercials you see before a YouTube video, to 30-second spots during the commercial break of a football game, to 10-minute videos showcasing your product to clients. SERP Matrix can make the right video for your needs.

We can edit your existing video footage. Reach out and we can get you a quote. One of our talented editors can help with any project scale.

The majority of the music we use in our videos is licensed through Audio Jungle. If you’re looking for a unique piece of music for your video, let us know.

B-roll is footage that doesn’t have dialogue, which can be used to supplement interview footage. This might be people using the products they're talking about or having conversations with other staff.

SERP Matrix will meet with you and have the initial consultation and discuss storytelling, ideas, and scripts. We then move into Pre-production and develop storyboards, and rewrites, and get final approval before moving into the production and creation of the video. Post-production is the final edits, color-grading, voice-over, and where music approval is finalized.

Yes, you do; it's all yours! We retain the right to publicly share your video for our portfolio unless you note otherwise. Share the love.

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