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Obstetrics relates to pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period while gynecology covers the health of the female reproductive system such as the vagina, uterus, ovaries, and breasts. Together, the terms encompassing OB/GYN do not leave much time for medical professionals to invest in their professional websites.

The concept of search engine optimization (SEO), or the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines, is extremely important to the long-term success of an OB/GYN. An OB/GYN will need solid SEO to perform at its best in online searches that help generate new customers.

OB/GYNs are an industry of continuous growth with many new entrants in the business, and people thus have multiple options when they are choosing an OB/GYN to go to. Make sure that you are maximizing every online effort to rank as highly as possible and generate the most business.

SERP Matrix works with clients throughout the health care industry, including OB/GYNs. We work with OB/GYNs in Houston as well as surrounding areas of Texas and other locations in the United States. We will diligently work to improve your search engine result page (SERP) rankings and help make you the dominant OB/GYN in your neighborhood.

OB:GYN Responsive

In most cases nowadays, people will use Google or another search engine to try and find an OB/GYN. The older forms of advertising, such as the yellow pages, are basically obsolete as more and more people continue to look for basically any item of interest through a search engine.

When it comes to SEO, local SEO is even more important because so many people search for OB/GYNs using searches like “OB/GYN near me” or specific location data such as zip codes or cities. SERP Matrix will ensure all Name, Address, and Phone Number (commonly abbreviated simply as NAP) data listings are accurate so you can be confident that you have complete information available to all major search engines.

When it comes to reviews on websites such as Google or Yelp, SERP Matrix can help deal with those too. In addition to helping you generate more positive reviews from existing customers, we will also know how to deal with negative reviews that may be problematic.

SERP Matrix will also give you a business listings scan that includes a SERP Matrix Review Platform and lets you to generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers. You also receive an SEO services guarantee that meets or beats any guarantee offered by a comparable SEO firm and provides a refund of a portion of fees for which services were not performed if we do not complete services per the written agreement.

In an article discussing SEO for OB/GYNs, WebFX wrote that it was important to start with keyword research, create custom content “to engage visitors and help them learn more about your practice,” optimize for local search, optimize for mobile, and keep track of results. These practices will lead to higher rankings in search results, increased awareness, more website traffic, and more qualified website visitors.

OB/GYN Web Design

The website for an OB/GYN not only needs to look good, but it also has to function well in order to attract the most visitors. You are going to want to be sure that your website contains all of the most sought-after information as well as some of the additional bells and whistles that create a unique experience for a visitor.

With SERP Matrix, you will get a complete content writing team capable of producing any kind of text you could want for your website. We know how to craft copy that will help your standing in search engines while also fully informing all of your visitors.

You can also count on us for help with professional photography that allows you to present unique, high-quality images of employees, equipment, and other items related to your business. Vibrant and original photographs are the desired alternative to the same stock images that dominate most other OB/GYN websites.

SERP Matrix can also assist with mobile app development, which relates to the increasing number of people performing searches on cell phones or mobile devices. You do not want to have a website that crashes when a person is attempting to view it from a mobile device.

A list of the best OB/GYN websites compiled by Web to Med included highlighting such features as responsive design templates, SEO-optimized code, animated slider, social media integration, patient education content, patient testimonials, and online patient forms. All websites were listed as being compatible on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Digital Marketing for OB/GYNs

SERP Matrix can also handle all landing page design and testing for you so you can be confident that you have a landing page performing up to your expectations. Our team will regularly run reports and perform routine maintenance to help you get the best possible results.

SERP Matrix also assists individuals and businesses with reputation management concerns. We are well aware of the negative consequences of certain connections to a reputation that can negatively impact business, and our team will be able to take the necessary steps to help you promote a positive image online.

You can also count on us to assist you with link building, an incredibly important aspect of SERP rankings because certain hyperlinks can be enormously helpful while others may be harmful. SERP Matrix can rid your website of negative links while also gaining you valuable new ones with positive effects.

Today, every industry is using video marketing to connect, and the healthcare industry is no exception. As technology advances, healthcare uncovers new ways to provide exceptional care and treatment for patients. SERP Matrix offers video production for pharmaceutical and medical companies to speak directly to doctors, patients, returning clients, and future clientele to market potentially life-changing procedures and treatments that will influence the future of the healthcare industry.

Email Marketing for OB/GYNs

Some OB/GYNs may be interested in newsletter advertising or email newsletters (also known as e-newsletters), and SERP Matrix can handle such efforts. You can count on us to regularly deliver newsletters your customers will be certain to open and maybe even share.

You can also turn to us for press release services that could lead to further sharing on social media. A solid press release could drive traffic to your website at an affordable cost that promotes immediate exposure.


Many OB/GYNs will turn to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because of its strong return on investment. PPC campaigns usually offer an opportunity to draw in likely customers through paid search links when they are searching for keywords relating to your OB/GYN practice.

SERP Matrix understands how to run effective PPC campaigns and will be sure to make you satisfied with your efforts. You can count on us to run all of the available reports and keep you fully apprised of your campaign while we are performing all of the key metrics to accurately gauge its success.

Social Media Marketing for OB/GYNs

SERP Matrix also handles social media marketing for websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among many others. There is no denying that social media plays a huge role in how OB/GYNs interact with their customers online, and we can help you create the kinds of posts that drive interaction and lead to long and lasting relationships with customers.

Our team also handles logo and graphic design issues that you might have, as we can help create the design elements you desire and work them seamlessly into your website. You can also count on us to assist with video marketing when you need help with those services which could also prove beneficial for social media purposes.

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