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Reputation Management

Most people believe that first impressions are extremely important, so businesses have a vested interest in making sure that they are always going to make a favorable first impression. When search engine results pages (SERPs) prominently display negative reviews, blog posts, or other unfavorable online content, companies can lose out on prospective customers.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the issues that affect their online reputations. The steps that companies have to take to repair damaged reputations can vary depending on numerous factors, including respective industries, website needs, and possible legal actions.

A business must regularly monitor its online reputation, always addressing underlying search engine optimization (SEO) issues and effective content management. When a company makes an effort to take its reputation management more seriously, it typically develops stronger relationships with customers.

Reputation Management Services in Houston, TX

Do you need help repairing or managing your company’s online reputation? SERP Matrix provides effective reputation management services for businesses of all sizes.

Our team not only resolves existing online issues but also regularly monitors a company’s reputation and provides detailed reports. Let SERP Matrix tell you more about what services we can provide for your business when you call (713) 287-1134.


When a business is harmed by negative online content, it may be possible to have the content removed. If the content cannot be removed, it may still be omitted from SERPs by making the content unreadable by major search engines.

Multiple methods may be employed to counterbalance negative sentiment in SERPs. Many businesses are impacted by negative reviews, which can be corrected with more positive reviews on major review websites such as Yelp.

SERP Matrix knows how to use creative techniques, such as improved social media interaction, to help improve reviews and online reputations. We can conduct an exhaustive review of your online reputation so you can be aware of all issues that need to be corrected, and then SERP Matrix will develop a plan to help your company dramatically improve the problem areas.


Even when a business is not particularly harmed by negative content, it still needs to be proactive in monitoring and tracking any possible threats to its reputation. It becomes important to consider how new content will be distributed and promoted.

While a company’s website is certainly its most valuable online presence, it is still only one search engine listing. A business needs to establish its identity across all available platforms and solidify its presence.

SERP Matrix regularly monitors SERPs so you will be aware of any issue as soon as it arises, and our team can work quickly to find a solution. A little safeguarding now can save you much more time down the road.


A company will want to sign up to receive Google Alerts, which delivers search notifications relating to customized keywords. Other websites provide alerts relating to mentions on social media websites.

Industry websites also need to be monitored in order to accurately gauge sentiment about a business. It is also important to continuously check review websites.

The professionals at SERP Matrix understand how to promote favorable content so it maintains prominence in local SERPS. We will track our progress and implement the SEO strategy that helps you maintain the best possible reputation on the web.


If you need help fixing your company’s online reputation or simply want to protect it, SERP Matrix can provide the reputation management services you need. We can craft solutions that will fit within your budget and allow you to maintain a strong identity for your business.

SERP Matrix understands the frustrating challenges of negative online content, but we also know how to deal with it. Let us restore your good name when you call (713) 287-1134 to schedule a free consultation.

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