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Veterinary Marketing

SEO is a simply vital issue for any veterinary office because a majority of people with pets or animals are likely to find an office through a Google or other search engine search. Word of mouth could be possible in some cases, but people are not likely to use the yellow pages of their local phone books to find a veterinary office anymore and online search engines have thus become the standard go-to in most cases.

With SEO, the phrase local SEO is even more important for veterinary offices because a significant number of people are likely to modify their searches by adding “veterinarians near me” or using specific location data such as zip codes or cities to try and garner results that are located closest to them. You will want to be certain that all of your Name, Address, and Phone Number (commonly abbreviated simply as NAP) data listings are accurate so you do not encounter the common issues with duplicate listings or incorrect NAP listings that can negatively impact search results. 

Veterinary offices are also subject to the same reviews on websites like Google or Yelp that can both positively and negatively impact search results, but SERP Matrix can best leverage any positive reviews and also deal with negative reviews. We understand the best methods for helping you get your regular customers to leave you positive feedback online that benefits your overall internet identity.

One major benefit of working with SERP Matrix will be that we will give you a business listings scan that includes a SERP Matrix Review Platform and lets you to generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers. You also receive an SEO services guarantee that will simply state that we can meet or beat any guarantee offered by a comparable SEO firm, and you will also be refunded a portion of fees for which services were not performed if we do not complete services per the written agreement.

The website PetDesk stated that some of the basic steps for boosting local SEO include focusing on a localizing keyword and optimizing the title, meta description, and content for your localized keyword. They also recommended claiming pages on major directories, ensuring consistency across directories, and emphasizing your positive reviews. SERP Matrix can do all of this for you.

Veterinary Responsive

Veterinary Web Design

According to WebFX, 94 percent of first impressions relate to your site’s web design. In other words, the way a veterinary office presents itself through its website can be enormously important for attracting new customers and possible retaining existing ones as well.

SERP Matrix can do many of the things needed to build a solid web design, including having a content writing team that can give you fresh and lively content that follows all of the best practices and is presented in a manner that is most beneficial to your online search engine ranking goals. We can craft pages that are informative and will actually compel your website visitors to read.

You can also take advantage of our professional photography that will allow you to take all kinds of pictures relating to your practice, including images of your staff, equipment, office space, or whatever else you might want to feature on your website. The images can also prove useful for some social media purposes when you are trying to maintain an active presence there as well.

SERP Matrix will also be able to assist with mobile app development concerns you might have, as we understand that a growing number of searches these days are being performed by people on their cell phones or mobile devices while they are already out and about possibly seeking veterinary services at that very moment. We will be able to take the steps necessary to help you be much more likely to appear highly in those searches and be clicked on for a visit.

The five tips offered by iMatrix for improving veterinary website design included using consistent fonts, contrast, and headlines, adding tasteful images to your veterinary website design, and choosing a great color scheme for your veterinary website. The website also recommended creating easy to read content and adding call-to-actions to your veterinary website.

Digital Marketing for Veterinary

SERP Matrix can immediately take the steps needed to implement a strong digital marketing strategy. We can begin by employing all of the necessary reputation management tools to make sure that you are being presented as best as possible in all possible online searches.

You can also count on us for efficient landing page design and testing so you can be confident that your website is functioning as best as possible when people are clicking both organic links and paid ads. SERP Matrix will be able to identify any issues people might be encountering and then work to quickly address the problems.

We also handle link building so you can be sure that your veterinary office is only connected to hyperlinks that actually help its online reputation with search engines. Whereas it was once viewed that it is best to have as many links to a website as possible, the truth is now that certain links can be harmful and SERP Matrix will be able to make sure you are free of any harmful hyperlinks to your website.

Email Marketing for Veterinary

Email is a method of communication that virtually everybody has, and a veterinary office needs to be careful in its manner of utilizing this manner to communicate with customers. SERP Matrix offers newsletter advertising, or email newsletters (also known as e-newsletters), that can be regularly timed to deliver the latest news and updates about an office or its services or hours to regular customers.

We also assist with press release services that can be useful in relation to email marketing. A well-crafted press release can often get an office mentioned on other website that help with valuable hyperlinks back to your website.

PPC for Veterinary

Many veterinary offices are interested in making use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which is the method of advertising by which an advertiser pays based on the number of clicks their ad receives. PPC campaigns are extremely challenging for most veterinary offices because they require a level of attention and focus on areas that are often completely foreign to most veterinary staff, but SERP Matrix will be able to help you manage an effective and cost-efficient PPC campaign.

SERP Matrix has years of experience with PPC campaigns and can make sure you are getting quality conversions that actually lead to new customers for your office. You could see a dramatic increase in revenue through a solid PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing for Veterinary

The social media marketing efforts of SERP Matrix include such websites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we know how to help veterinary offices engage with their customers on these platforms. You can count on us to effectively manage your account so you can be considered one of the best accounts to follow and interact with.

You can also count on us for help with logo and graphic design services so everything on your website or social media profile looks as sharp as possible. SERP Matrix also offers video marketing services that could be enormously beneficial for certain social posts.

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