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Web development has seen such a spike during this decade. And in today’s world, it’s easier than ever to get in touch with individuals who are capable of creating a website. There are so many factors that contribute to this being today’s playing field, and in many ways, it can be good to have a selection of web designers to choose from. It just gets a bit frustrating when you’re trying to decide who to entrust with the website all your customers and clients will see. 

Over half of business owners are outsourcing their website design efforts. Every industry, including SEO and web design, is getting more and more competitive as time goes on. Because of this, people are having to put more time into continually elevating their brand’s appeal, their marketing plans, their knowledge, and a bevy of other responsibilities. If you’re trying to do all of this while building your own website, you’re taking yourself away from your main objective: setting yourself apart from everyone else who’s doing what you’re doing.

This is why hiring a web designer can be so critical, and you’re in the right state of mind if you’re worried about which Houston web design company you should hire. Your business is important to you, and ensuring its proper representation should be something you’re always aware of. This includes your digital landscape, such as your website, your social media, and the other factors of your digital marketing campaign. 

Web development plays such a vital role in digital marketing and SEO. Search engine submission, optimization, and maintenance are such multifaceted processes that require a multitude of tasks, but none of them can survive without a successful website design, creation, and launch. In this blog, SERP Matrix details how to do something every business owner is trying to do in this era of advertising: hire a web designer. 


Cybersecurity is everything. There are new threats being created every single day, and it is your webmaster’s duty to make sure your website’s line of defense is up to date. The damage hackers are capable of can leave not only websites in shambles but also entire businesses. Customer information is compromised, passwords are stolen, and an outside, untrusted source takes a firm hold of your greatest investments. 

Nowadays, every website needs an SSL Certificate, and in addition to this, they should also be regularly updated as more cybersecurity software becomes available to the general public. But in addition, webmasters who truly do their job. A prime example of this is a recent WordPress hack that allowed infiltrators to gain access to websites. Many of these hacks were executed through plug-ins that were seemingly benign; live chat, blog post builders, and things of that sort. 

As we all know, live chats and blogs are great for websites, but did you know that WordPress websites account for over a third of the websites on the Internet? It’s a common content management system that website designers use when they’re building landing pages, e-commerce sites, and general webpages. In some cases, WordPress can actually be the ideal route for one’s website build. But if you’re outsourcing your web design, it’s essential to trust the individuals you’re giving your digital presence’s power to.

Knowledge of search engine optimization is a huge benefit when working with a web designer. Web design and search engine marketing are so intertwined these days, and even though it takes a team to make the most  out of a digital marketing campaign, it’s always great to have a designer who knows a bit about the rest of the landscape. Google My Business listings, keyword targeting, and PPC should be topics you mention when talking to your prospective webmasters. 


A strong portfolio matters. While a webmaster may try to woo you with their education and work history, you as a potential client should be primarily concerned with their past work. Make sure your potential Houston web development company has a proven track record of client satisfaction and successful web design. In addition, they should also have a reputation of building varied landing pages and websites. No two companies are the same, and no two websites should be, either. The webmaster’s job is to fully embrace the brand they are working for, and use its current ethos to develop a profitable digital presence.

Don’t disregard a solid résumé, though. Web design experience is always a good thing; any quality web developer should have a solid foundation in HTML, JavaScript, and other languages that are commonplace in today’s web design efforts. However, a great web designer should also consistently update their skills in an attempt to stay current, relevant, and ahead of the curve.  

Last but not least, look at your website design process as more of a partnership. Web designers typically want their clients to give their feedback throughout the process of building their websites, as it is something that’s supposed to reflect them more than anything else. Developers, coders, and graphic designers are specialists and should be respected as such, but the client’s satisfaction is always what matters at the end of the day. 

The website builders you decide to hire should be able to give you tips and ideas on what they think is the most appropriate choices for your website. However, remember to speak up if you feel like there’s a color palette, layout, or font that just doesn’t match up with what your business currently is.

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Choosing a Houston web design company isn’t easy, nor is it supposed to be. There are more designers in the playing field now than ever, and they’re all vying for new clientele in various ways. Make sure you hire the best web developer possible by bringing your business’s marketing goals to SERP Matrix. As a veteran SEO firm with over two decades of web design and marketing experience, we’re ready to build your website from the ground up. Call today at (713)-287-1134 for more information on exactly how we can help. 

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