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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting


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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting

Many people wonder what counts as guest posts and how to get people to author guest posts. The truth is that a guest post is an article that another party posts on their website.

Companies often utilize guest posts to increase their brand awareness and also earn valuable referral traffic from the post. In the end, a company is simply seeking a third party to write a post for them.

Setting Goals for Guest Posts

A company needs to identify all of the goals it has for a guest post. Establishing goals will be important in helping a company determine the right kind of guest poster as well as post material.

There are customarily three common goals companies have for guest posts, which include:

  • Positioning a company as an authority and well-known name in an industry.
  • Getting exposure or traffic back to a website.
  • Building backlinks to a website (although this cannot be the main f