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Are Multiple Domains Pointing to a Single Website Good for SEO?


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SERP Matrix - Multiple Domains Pointing to a Single Website Good for SEO?

It is not uncommon for people to ask whether having multiple domains point to one website would be considered dangerous or beneficial as it relates to search engine optimization (SEO) and Google. Certain businesses may prefer to have multiple different domains all pointing to one website.

The truth as it relates to this question is that the answer can depend on many factors. When we are talking about pointing multiple domains to one website, it is assumed that we will be talking about 301s or some other type of redirect from the extra domains to the website.

In general, having a single website answer, multiple domains usually creates multiple websites of duplicate content that will not be beneficial for SEO or Google.

Redirecting Domains to Your Main Domain

When talking about redirecting domains to a primary domain, the questions that must be answered relate to where did the domains come from in the first place? Has a person always had them? Have the domains ever had a website of their own?

When any domains have been standalone websites (meaning with their own content) or if they were run by people other than a client, it is important to examine the history of each domain. Pull a historical backlink profile going back as far as you can and get a fresh backlink profile for each domain.

When dealing with backlink profiles, you should be looking for things like links of questionable origin. Ask whether prior use of a domain involved buying links or now you are dealing with undesirable backlinks.

You will not want to 301 a domain with thousands of spam or porn links to a perfectly good domain. If a domain has any kind of footprint that indicates there were nefarious activities in the past, do not 301 redirect the domains to an active domain.

When domains have type-in values, it is possible to 302 redirect them to the client’s website. Also, be sure to check Google to see if there are any actively ranking pages on each of the domains. When there are, ask whether the content is directly analogous to current content. You do not want to be redirecting a domain that ranks for terms related to baseball players to a website that contains content about new cars.

Some people may be able to use a direct competitor’s domain and 301 redirects most of their pages to pages of theirs that contain basically the same content. In this situation, users still find exactly what they are looking for. There can be advantages to high-value links that had been pointing at a competitor’s site now 301 redirected to your own. When there are rankings on Google for any of the domains and clicking on any of those results triggers any kind of malware or malicio