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Logo Maker Vs Logo Designer: What Should You Choose?


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The process of getting a logo for your business could be slightly overwhelming. It is important to choose the right elements such as color, fonts, shapes, or icons that can represent your brand accurately. In the end, you want a timeless and relevant logo that requires minimal upgrades throughout the years. When you are starting out, you might find yourself confused about the different options for a design. Business owners can choose to hire a logo designer or look for tools such as a logo creator. 

Now, you might be wondering which is a better option for creating an impressive brand identity. Whether you opt for an online free logo maker to create a design or hire a professional, it is crucial to consider all the factors. To make this easier, let’s discuss a few major ones that could help you make the right decision. 

Should You Choose A Logo Maker?

Before making a choice, you have to think about the budget. Creating a brand symbol with a logo maker might be less costly than hiring a skilled designer. This is basically an online tool or application that allows people to design and download custom logos for branding and promotions. You can be as creative as you want and browse through various templates to find one according to the industry or niche. 

People can experiment with fonts, icons, or imagery to add or remove the elements accordingly. Once you are satisfied with the final design, you may have the option of downloading the files for minimal payment. There are a few logo creators that also allow visitors to get the logo without any additional charges. 

As a business or startup owner, this can be a great option for getting a brand identity design for print and digital mediums without breaking the bank. Here are a few benefits of choosing a logo maker over a logo designer.  

Easy to Use 

Logo maker tools are quite user-friendly and do not require specific design skills. This means that you can easily create a brand icon without any problems or hassle. Most applications or tools allow users to customize the templates in a studio and pick relevant colors for the elements or background. Similarly, you can select suitable fonts and adjust the typography to create a recognizable wordmark or lettermark. 

Multiple Features 

You will find that logo makers have a range of options for customization. You can also see the results in real-time instead of waiting for the designer to send in the first or second drafts. The features make it a lot easier to choose solid colors or gradients for the icon. Most tools provide the option of downloading the files within seconds so you can start using the design on your website, social media profiles, or various print materials. 

Less Costly 

It might surprise you to know that logo makers cost less money than hiring a logo designer. So, if you are working within a budget, this might be the best choice for your business. It’s a good idea to browse through the options and compare the pricing plans as well. You may be able to get your brand identity design without spending a lot of money.  

Drawbacks of Logo Maker 

Now, it is important to know a few drawbacks of this option as well. While you can easily work with the tool, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. 

Similar Templates 

Many other businesses might also be using such tools so you may end up choosing a template that is similar to another. This could make it difficult for the audience to differentiate your logo from a competitor’s brand design. 

Limited Accessibility

Sometimes, you may be required to pay a small amount to access files or make additional changes as well. It’s essential to choose a logo maker tool that has a simple process for obtaining all the files and provides a good user experience too. 

Should You Choose A Logo Designer?

There are quite a few brands that prefer to work with agencies or hire professional designers. Now, this is a slightly expensive option so you need to think about it carefully. Here are a few advantages that you can consider. 

Unique Design 

You can get a unique brand icon that is according to the given brief or guidelines. People might be able to identify the logo quickly as well. 

Professional Logo 

When you collaborate with a designer, you can give feedback or ask for revisions as well. This can allow you to get a professional and appealing brand symbol that sends out the right message to the audience. 

Drawbacks of Hiring A Designer

Let’s take a look at a few disadvantages of hiring a logo designer or agency. 

Very Expensive 

It can be quite costly and you may end up paying a lot of money for the brand symbol. Since your budget needs to be flexible, it could be a problem when you are starting out in the industry. 

Long Process 

Designers can around one to three months to send the deliverables. The process takes a lot of time due to revisions that you may require from the first draft. 

Which Should You Choose, a Logo Maker or a Logo Designer?

Both the options may seem viable but it’s a better idea to opt for a logo maker in the beginning. It could help you create a versatile logo that connects with the target audience on different mediums. You can also revamp a few elements later on and work with a logo designer as well. 


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