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Top Landing Page Best Practices for 2022


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The landing page is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any business website. As Semrush notes, the landing page has high commercial intent and is about the conversion of a predetermined action whereas a home page is more like the introduction or front cover to a book offering directions to other destinations.

Landing pages may be found through organic searches or marketing campaigns. A landing page should have a clear call to action (CTA) and everything on the page should support that CTA.

When you are creating a landing page, you need to make sure that the messaging on the page corresponds with your overall marketing and sales campaign initiatives. This will be important for attracting the right kinds of prospective clients and getting them to click through with the recommended actions.

Keep in mind how many of your customers are already bombarded with offers to visit scores of other landing pages from your competitors. You will need to consider their unique place and how your product or service will fill a need in order to get them to even visit your landing page.

Personalizing a landing page can be an incredibly difficult challenge, but a not altogether impossible one. Review your framework and ensure that you are following best practices to boost click-through rates (CTRs) and retain client interest.

Stay on Top with Landing Pages

The phrase “above the fold” relates to the newspaper industry and relates to the most important stories being located in the top half of the front page of a broadsheet newspaper and visible when the paper is folded. When it comes to major websites, above the fold usually means the introductory screen before a person has scrolled down to see anything else on a website.

A good landing page is going to need to have a necessary CTA above the fold and should be compelling website visitors to take certain actions before they can scroll down. There will be client details you are aiming to capture and you want to try and do this as soon as the visitor lands on your page.

On most other pages on a website, the CTA is often placed near the bottom but a landing page will need to be different. This element of a landing page is one major difference you should notice between other pages on your website.

The Power of Referrals

It is OK if a person visiting your landing page determines a product or service is not right for them so long as they pass this information on to somebody else who might be interested. Referrals can still be excellent opportunities for conversions.

In these cases, you will want to extend some kind of offer for referral emails or other means for sharing landing pages with friends and family. This practice can significantly bolster possible conversions.

When you place an emphasis on referrals, you will be maximizing your opportunities for a solid return on investment (ROI). You may also want to indicate that you will honor the privacy of the person who is being referred by notifying them of who referred them.

Try Different Calls to Action

Again, the CTA on most standard website pages is located somewhere near the bottom, something of a closing line attempt. Landing pages should experiment with multiple CTAs.

This means having buttons like “Register Now” or “Download Now” near the top to immediately try and compel a visitor to take a desired action. Beyond that, your language can also experiment with other CTAs in the text.

Your marketing team may be able to gauge exactly which CTA prompted a client to contact you upon their completing of a necessary step. Use this information to determine which CTAs are most effective and try to duplicate that success elsewhere on your website, but especially on the landing page.

Consider Chat Options

When some people visit landing pages or any website pages really, chat functions can be extremely helpful. Chat options allow visitors to ask for help navigating websites that may seem intimidating.

The benefit of adding a chat option is that you will be far more likely to get a visitor to stay on your website page longer than simply bounce when they cannot find whatever it was they were looking for. The chatbot will typically be able to help you by also gleaning important data from your website visitors.

History of Landing Pages

According to Omniconvert, it was the Information Technology (IT) department of Microsoft that created the idea of landing pages in late 2003 when it was seeking a way to remedy poor online sales of the company’s core product, Microsoft Office. Two years later, SmartInsights co-founder Dave Chaffey shared his insights on developing landing pages in an article that continues to be referenced today.

It was around 2009 that landing pages started to become much more common with the development of cloud computing and e-commerce. Customer requirements have changed significantly in that time.

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