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How to Turn a Case Study into a Customer Success Story


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A case study is typically an examination of one particular case that may highlight an individual, group, event, or action that could include multiple observations. Case studies could very well involve success stories, but how do you convert one to the other?

Find Your Case Study for a Customer Success Story

A company could very well cite a case study as an example of its success in a given area. Turning a case study into a success story will involve showcasing how a person or company felt at the beginning of a process versus how they felt at the end, the struggles that were involved in the process, and the feelings involved in overcoming the challenges.

It is important to keep all of these considerations in mind when developing a strong piece of website content. Here are some ways you can help turn your basic case study into a customer success story.

Identify the right client

Your company probably has a number of different clients and you can start by asking your team which clients have stood out. Think in particular of a client who came to you with a real problem that you were able to help them solve.

The idea will be to showcase something in particular that your company was able to help a client with that you can showcase. It will be most beneficial to pick a client who will be most responsive to your efforts.

You can begin by emailing your client to gauge their interest in helping you with a case study. Perhaps you can bolster their interest by offering such perks as a link to their website or tagging them on various social media platforms.

After you gain the client’s permission, you can inform your team know that a case study is in the works. Next, you will want to develop interview questions for both your project manager and the client.

There are ideally going to be two sets of questions, one for your project manager and another set for the client. Both sets of questions should help cover both sides of the story.

The client interview questions will generally be the more important of the two. Try to glean as much information from your client as you possibly can without being too overwhelming.

Client interview questions can be straightforward and should relate to their experience. The goal should be to outline how your company solved a major problem from the clients’ perspective. 

The basic pieces of standard information you should gather will include the full name of the person you are interviewing, the position or title of this person, their company name, and their company background or function. After introducing the client and their company, their interview questions should determine the rest of your story.

Always get the client to describe what their previous experience was and what they did not like about it. Get an understanding of what was not working for them and what compelled them to change and work with you.

This information will be critical because knowing how the client found your company and why they chose to work with you will play an integral role in shaping how you tell their story. Being discovered through a Google search could indicate you have a solid SEP strategy while a referral would indicate that you have a good word-of-mouth reputation.

Questions you might ask the person in charge of the account from your end could include asking what challenges the client was facing, the challenges of the project, recommended actions, how plans were executed, and satisfaction with results.

When you gather responses to all of your questions, take your time putting all of the facts in a logical order. Generally, you will be looking to try and find some kind of message behind all of the words that can be gleaned.

Try and find the responses that really jumped out at you and said something bigger about the project you worked on. The best responses will typically be the best places to start writing your own content because they will help others see the results from a bigger perspective.

Ideally, you are going to want to make sure you can use some direct quotes from your client, so look in particular for strong responses that seem ideal for sharing. When a customer gives you a strong quote that really sells your abilities, that will be all the better.

A good quote can go a long way with other prospective clients because it can be instantly relatable. In some cases, a strong quote is just as good as a referral.

The next step could be seeking a video testimonial from the client. A video of your client can again go a long way in helping connect with new clients because it allows them to see and hear from a real person about a real experience.

When you get to the actual writing of the case study, it is preferred that you try to keep things simple. Do not go over the top with your words in telling the story and just try to keep it simple so every person will be able to relate.

For the record, HubSpot offers case study templates that you can use for these cases. 

When you are ready to begin designing your case study, try to make sure it has visual appeal. The case study will certainly need to be well-written, but you are also going to want to make sure that you design something that catches the eye.

You may want to consider using a design application such as Canva for help with this. There are a number of creative design options you could have, but it can also be beneficial to just use a client’s own LinkedIn or Facebook photos that allow you to put a face with the words you are presenting.

The idea will ultimately be to have the most important details immediately in prominent places so they are instantly recognized. Simply put, you want to showcase the problem that the client was facing and how you solved the issue.

It can be a challenge to determine which clients are going to translate the best for your needs. Try to find one that involves a solid brand, an interesting industry, and a strong relationship with you.

When all of this work is complete, you can begin working on a script. The script will play a major role in your social media campaigns.

The social media angle will mean having to tell your story in a much more concise and digestible way. This involves limiting yourself to only sharing the key details in your relationship.

After all of this work is done, you will need to send a draft to the client for their approval. It is possible that the client may have some feedback for you that you will need to honor for the case study to be approved, and you need to have both parties in your relationship be satisfied with the end result.

Once the content is approved and ready to go, you can publish it on social media and begin tracking its success. Look at the reaction the content is garnering and see what the level of engagement is as well as how many leads it is helping you garner.

You will want to know what your key performance indicators (KPIs) are going to be before publishing. Review your data and determine how successful you have been.

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