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3 Top Skills SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed


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Skills SEO Content Writers Need

Hundreds of people work in the search engine optimization (SEO) field, and writers are just one of many groups who have to navigate the increasingly complex demands of the job. Many SEO content writers will be bringing some individual skills to the job, but they will also have to be prepared to learn on the job in order to succeed.

In truth, being a good writer is only part of the equation when it comes to being an SEO content writer. It will take a multitude of different talents to ultimately reach another level.

Here are three skills SEO content writers should focus on to succeed in the industry.

  • Master Writing Skills

When an SEO content writer begins, they could be facing a wild string of different clients. Each one of these clients will have to have their own unique voice, and the writer will be responsible for supplying that. 

Not only will a writer have to generate many different kinds of content, but they may have to also try and use the right tone. The tone can be tricky for some writers because one client may need a serious and straightforward approach while another is seeking something more lighthearted and fun.

All in all, the SEO content writer needs to make sure that the pages they are creating accurately convey the right message the client is trying to send. It can be challenging to write multiple pages when the clients are so different, but the variety needs to be viewed as part of the job.

  • Learning Search Intent

Without a doubt, one of the most important skills an SEO content writer can learn quickly is understanding the search intent of their readers. When a writer knows the search intent, it can help deliver material that is designed to generate clicks and leads.

This means that writers are responsible for delivering content that can help generate web traffic. It is not always easy to deliver material that generates the large number of clicks that may be being sought.

There are a variety of tools that can help a writer understand what search intent is, but there are still limitations in this new area. It is on the writer to try and discern from available information in the tools to determine what search intent might be.

There are four major types of search intent that content writers must keep in mind when they write.

  • Informational – when people want to know things.
  • Navigational – when people want to visit a specific website or web page.
  • Transactional – when people want to buy things.
  • Commercial investigation – when people research products they are interested in buying.

Search intent needs to be worked to coincide with the website’s own intent for a reader. This often means that web content needs to contain links to other pages of interest or contact forms.

Most writing is geared toward trying to get a reader to make a purchase. Even list articles can still contain links to other pages.

Most SEO content writers are going to be required to use certain keywords and employ them a certain number of times. The keywords need to be carefully chosen and placed in very selective spots.

An experienced SEO content writer will know how to use keywords in the most effective manner so as to generate meaningful results.

  • Topics Over Keywords

Yes, keywords were king way back in the 1990s when packing keywords into any section could help generate stronger search results. Those days are long gone now, as such practices are referred to as black hat SEO and can lead to penalization that could ultimately hurt a website.

This is not to say that keywords are no longer relevant, just that they need to be better placed to be effective. A good SEO content writer is going to know exactly where keywords need to be situated to sound natural.

In most cases, the writer needs to focus on the general topic of their piece and try to make the whole thing as informative as possible to get strong search results. Google and other search engines will be taking full articles into consideration when assigning page rankings.

Many young writers who are just now breaking into the SEO industry will have to do a lot of learning on the job. The great news is that it is very possible for a young writer to learn quickly and be able to make meaningful contributions to SEO content in a short amount of time.

Digital marketing will remain active well into the future and SEO content writers will ultimately be a big part of the picture. As their roles continue to grow, they can only seem likely to begin commanding a bigger role at the table when there are major meetings.

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