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5 Law Firm Marketing Approaches for 2022


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Marketing Approaches for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a number of demands on businesses across the country, including law firms. Marketing has not been invested in as much during these times, but law firms know they still have to engage in marketing efforts.

While many law firms will hesitate when it comes to taking risks, there is growing evidence that much of the technology that was embraced during the pandemic will continue to play a pivotal role in future marketing efforts. Here are five possible increasing marketing approaches you may see in 2022.

Expanding Social Media

Most law firms have basic social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But many firms have been finding other avenues to explore. TikTok, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat all offer possible avenues for firms to communicate with clients in a fun and still informative way. There are actually hundreds of different social media websites. Law firms should continue to toy with different accounts and see what works. Social media will not be going away anytime soon, and it seems only likely to grow as a way for many people to communicate. With the frequency of usage growing so precipitously, there is little doubt that it will remain beneficial for law firms to remain active on social media.

Social Media Analysis

Creating social media accounts is only half the equation. Analysis of engagement metrics is important for law firms to be able to understand how effective their messages are. And there are tons of things to analyze when it comes to social media. The volume of your mentions and voice share are two areas to focus on, but there are also performance metrics, audience analytics, competitor analytics, paid social analytics, influencer analytics, and, importantly, sentiment analysis. Sentiment refers to how people feel about your brand, as negative mentions could be a possible crisis. Social media analysis may also involve descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

Developing Content

Law firms have websites and many have blogs. There is always an interest in creating new content, but it is certainly content that only remains fresh for a limited time. Law firms need to carefully evaluate their content and determine what exactly best serves their purpose moving forward. That said, there will be a greater focus in 2022 on trying to promote or remove the right kinds of content. Creating good content can be challenging for some law firms, but there can be some basic rules to follow for solid content. Good content is up-to-date, useful, consistent, and accessible. It should also speak to readers in the language they are comfortable with. Lawyers will have to take the time to discuss concerns with writers to make sure all of the necessary information is always being communicated. 

Tech Marketing Tools

Law firms of all sizes have to be considering new tech marketing tools that are available. These tools may include social media marketing tools, email marketing tools, SEO (search engine optimization) tools, conversion optimization tools, lead enrichment tools, landing page and lead capture tools, and graphic creation tools. Social media marketing tools may include Sprout Social, Loomly, and Audiense. Email marketing tools might include SendGrid, lemlist, and Moosend. SEO (search engine optimization) tools could include Ahrefs, Clearscope, and SEMrush. Conversion optimization tools include Unbounce, Optimizely, and Hotjar. Lead enrichment tools include Clearbit and Datanyze. Landing page and lead capture tools include OptiMonk, Typeform, and MailMunch. Graphic creation tools are Creatopy (formerly Bannersnack), Visme, and Venngage.

In-Person Marketing

While much of our focus here has been on social media and being online, there is little doubt that law firms are going to continue to need to speak to people in person. No social media account can replace the feel of a face-to-face meeting. There is no set formula to determining the best way to handle in-person marketing, as the efforts can vary wildly by the attorney and client involved. In the digital age, law firms still need to focus on feelings and understand how client emotions can impact various aspects of a relationship. In-person marketing could involve a number of different approaches, including hosting events and networking, offering referral incentives, hosting speaking events, or maybe even publicity stunts.

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