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Is it worth writing meta descriptions?


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Is it worth writing meta descriptions?
As Michal Pecánek noted in a blog post on Ahrefs, a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords and content, meta descriptions are not a ranking factor but can entice more clicks and lead to more traffic. However, Google does not always use hardcoded meta description and sometimes chooses a different snippet from a web page.
To understand how often this happens, Pecánek compared hardcoded meta descriptions with the actual Google desktop snippets for 20,000 keywords. He found that 25.02 percent of top-ranking pages do not have a meta description.

The proportion of URLs without meta descriptions by position ranking included:

27.11 percent of position number 1
26.34 percent of position number 2
24.58 percent of position number 3
23.70 percent of position number 4
24.08 percent of position number 5
23.73 percent of position number 6
23.38 percent of position number 7
24.00 percent of position number 8
24.79 percent of position number 9
25.17 percent of position number 10
Pecánek noted the Spearman correlation was 0.28, which is considered weak. He reported Google rewrites meta descriptions 62.78 percent of the time, based on a study of 192,656 pages ranking in the top 10. The number dropped to 59.65 percent for fat-head and rose to 65.62 percent for long-tails. In other words, Google generates descriptions more often for long-tail keywords. Pecánek wrote that this was based on the fact that the average first-page result ranks for hundreds of keywords, and the hardcoded descriptions are usually written around the primary “head” keyword. As a result, Google shows a hardcoded description in the results for the target keyword, but not for some of the long-tail keywords the post ranks for. This occurs because the hardcoded description is less relevant for the long-tails and it makes more sense for Google to choose its own snippet. While Google is more likely to rewrite meta descriptions for long-tail keywords, it’s only by a small margin. Pecánek said his guess is that the gap will grow over time as Google gets better at understanding search intent and subsequently providing the most relevant search snippets. He noted that the methodology used was not perfect because there was no way to identify fat-heads and long-tails with 100 percent certainty, and passed along a link to the Ahrefs Meta Descriptions Study Methodology for reference. It was also noted that Google is slightly less likely to rewrite meta descriptions that truncate, while truncating meta descriptions that are too long. Data showed that Google rewrote 61.46 percent of meta descriptions that were too long and 63.69 percent of the rest. In other words, keeping meta descriptions within limits does not change the probability of Google rewriting them much. Pecánek reported that 40.61 percent of 192,656 unique pages’ descriptions studied were too long. If you are wondering whether to still bother writing meta descriptions, it was noted that relevant and compelling meta descriptions still entice clicks. This is true even when they are only showing 37 percent of the time, on average. Pecánek recommended to prioritize pages that already get organic traffic, were created to rank in Google, and are likely to get shared on social media (where the meta description will be used for the social snippet description in the absence of OG tags). He said taking this approach should have the most impact for the least amount of work. In a separate blog post about meta descriptions, Neil Patel wrote that there were three reasons you should still use meta descriptions. First, keywords or phrases will be bolded in search results wherever they appear, so your top keyword phrase should be in your SEO title and meta description. He further noted that the top networks use meta descriptions, as do social bookmarking networks. Patel wrote that an often neglected value of meta descriptions is the fact that you can craft your descriptions to be calls to action.

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