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9 Tips for Marketing Your Craft Brewery


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9 Tips for Marketing Your Craft Brewery

9 Tips for Marketing Your Craft Brewery

Craft beer has become a distinct presence in the United States. The Rail, a media company focused exclusively on the restaurant world, reported in April 2019 that small and independent brewers produced 8.5 million barrels of lager, stout, pale ale, india pale ale, porter and countless other varieties in 2008, but output climbed steeply to nearly 26 million barrels by 2018. There were 7,000 breweries operating across the country as opposed to only 1,500 a decade ago.

On February 21, 2020, CBS News reported that domestic sales of craft beer reached a record $27.6 billion, representing 24 percent of the American beer market. The Great American Beer Festival welcomed more than 60,000 people, and CBS reported there are 7,450 craft brewers in the United States alone.

The result of the growing popularity of craft beer is that the individuals who enter the craft brewery business will need to make a more active effort to really stand out. Here are some tips about how you could help your own craft brewery.

1. Get noticed on social media


Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or some other social media website, you cannot ignore the importance of having one of these accounts and then using the account to communicate with your customers. Many people spend countless hours on social media websites and are active users who are likely to interact with your company.

With social media, you can highlight various aspects of your brewery or feature images of your types of beer. Use your account to promote new products and help draw awareness to your latest efforts.

2. Partner with local businesses


You should strongly consider working with restaurants or other businesses in the area that might allow you an opportunity to promote your beer. Even if they do not necessarily stock your beer, they could still offer you other chances to possibly sponsor an event or work with them in some other way.

Similarly, you could also seek a local vendor to partner with you for an event at your brewery. This kind of deal could allow you to refer people to a local restaurant or other business in exchange for their cooperation.

3. Be active in your community


Look around your community and see what is going on in the coming months. Chances are good that there will be a wide variety of events for your to possibly promote your beers at.

Consider using a website like Tripleseat event calendar to add notes to dates and make plans to promote your beer at local events. Try to reserve booths or do whatever is necessary to make sure you are an active part of any local event in your area.

4. Focus on what makes you unique


You will want to take the time to figure out what makes your brewery different from the many others that people can purchase. Consider highlighting a local artist you are using for your label design or some other aspect of your business that makes you unique from the others.

It is not always easy to find something that makes your business different from so many others, but try to focus on your individuality and do more to explain to people what you are about. In general, try to focus on your relationship with craft beer and how different that relationship is.

5. Launch a newsletter


A newsletter does not have to be something that is sent out very often, perhaps only once a month, but it can have a major impact. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing saw a $44 return on investment in 2016 after being $38 in 2015.

SERP Matrix can assist you with newsletter advertising. We will be able to help you make sure that your newsletter is filled with all the most important news and things to know while also including all of the relevant links needed in your newsletter.

6. Consider hosting events


Live events can be a huge boon to any craft brewery, so take a good look at your space and see what kinds of events you might be able to host. You could take a wide range of possible actions, including having an outdoor event during seasonal hours or allowing people to bring dogs for a pet night.

Consider joining an online directory such as VENUES by Tripleseat or EventUp to get your brewery mentioned to individuals who might be seeking a space. You could also look into creating a packet that outlines the highlights of hosting an event at your brewery for promotional purposes.

7. Highlight what makes your brand fun


You likely take the promotion of your brewery very seriously and are probably consumed with maintaining the most professional of appearances. That said, you cannot be afraid to let your hair down a little bit to have some fun on occasion, especially on the social media websites.

Remember that most people consuming beer are looking to unwind and have a little fun, so do not be afraid to take certain steps that will help you be more playful with your followers. Consider sharing a photo of your beer that somebody else shared (with their permission, of course) or forging a connection between your beer and certain holidays.

8. Connect with industry publications


Whether it is Bar Business Magazine or Good Beer Hunting, there are no shortage of publications covering the craft beer industry. You can reach out to these publications or their editorial staff members to tell them who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart.

Even if you cannot get a publication to write about you, you could still inquire about possible advertising opportunities. Also be sure to look for special issues or features about the beer or food-and-beverage industries being put out by other local publications.

9. Leverage a PR firm


Any brewery with a marketing budget should hire a PR firm to help get their name out there and drum up more business. SERP Matrix can put out press releases when newsworthy developments hit.

A PR firm will also put your name out there as a source for reporters covering the craft beer scene. Your PR team will be able to help promote you as a person to talk to about craft beer for many people who are covering the industry.

SEO Help in Houston, TX

SERP Matrix can start helping your craft brewery by improving your local SEO. With a focus on local SEO, you will be far more likely to be the top search result when people are looking for craft breweries in your area.

You can also count on us to assist you with search engine submission. This will ensure that your best web pages are being indexed on major search engines and your results are displaying in a manner that makes it more likely that you get clicks.

You can also turn to SERP Matrix for assistance with web design and development. Our company also handles many other digital marketing concerns, such as content writing, mobile app development, and professional photography.

Houston Digital Marketing

If your craft brewery needs SEO help in the greater Houston area of Texas, you are going to want to take the time to speak with SERP Matrix. Our team will be able to take the steps necessary to make sure you are competing at the highest level for online searches.

We offer an SEO services guarantee, so a portion of fees for which service was not performed will be refunded if we fail to complete services per the written agreement. Call (713) 287-1134 or contact us online to have us discuss your case with you in greater detail during a free consultation.

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