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How to Choose The Right Email Marketing Agency


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How to Choose The Right Email Marketing Agency

A Litmus survey of 372 marketers worldwide found that email marketing’s return on investment was 38:1 on average. While that figure certainly represents a healthy return on investment (ROI), it is important to understand that email marketing remains an enormously tricky business.

Any person with an email account knows all too well how easy it can be to simply delete any emails that feel like advertisements. This means that even if you are able to land in somebody’s email inbox, it does not guarantee your message will be read.

It is critical not to end up in spam folders and also create emails that convert. Email marketing agencies know how to use the tools and run fully-scaled email campaigns.

Identifying Goals and Outcomes

You will likely have a number of email marketing agencies to pick from, so how do you know which one to pick to work with? The specific nature of your project will dictate which company will be the best one to work with as some companies will prove most beneficial when they involve certain kinds of businesses while others will be best served because of the type of project or campaign involved.

There will be a number of things that a company will need to focus on before attempting any email marketing.

Build and grow an email list

Email marketing cannot succeed without an email list, so the list needs to have a healthy amount of email addresses. Companies without long lists will be best served by working with email marketing agencies that have experience executing list-building campaigns.  

Obtaining email addresses could require a certain amount of give and take, with most people needing to receive something in exchange for disclosing an email address. You could consider offering some form of digital content to a person to help them provide you with an email address.

Increasing email open and click-through rates

When open and click-through rates are low, there will be a number of problems people encounter. These may include:

An audience not seeing offers and a campaign generating less revenue.
Email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo noticing the low performance and flagging future emails as spam or stopping delivery altogether.
Open and click rates getting even worse.
Later improvements not delivering nearly the same results.

Email marketing agencies will be able to identify problems early on and know how to correct the course you are on to get better results. You should seek an agency that has a record of developing strategies and tactics that help increase your open and click-through rates.

After you set your own goals, you should choose an agency that specializes specifically in those goals.

Characteristics Demonstrating a Great Email Marketing Agency

You can find countless email marketing agencies, but not all agencies are created equal. Despite each one claiming to deliver impeccable results, you need to look at certain elements to determine which one is actually the best for you.

When examining email marketing agencies, you should look at all of the following:

Content Creation

There is simply no way around the fact that people will only open and read the emails that appeal to them. Emails with content that does resonate with a user will likely be ignored, deleted, or even lead to possible unsubscribing.

You should see what kind of content an email marketing agency is capable of delivering to see if they can provide the types of material you are looking for. Strong content will ultimately lead to more people reading and, hopefully, buying.

Client Portfolio

Email marketing agencies should have multiple clients, and they should be willing to share examples of clients with you. Any agency that cannot deliver examples should probably be disregarded.

You should probably seek an agency with experience working with clients who are in the same industry as you.


The best email marketing agencies are ahead of the curve on email trends. These tactics are very important because agencies relying on outdated tactics are much more likely to deliver less than satisfactory results.

Look at an agency’s blog, YouTube channel, or their own email list to get a better idea of how hip they actually are. A simple review of these aspects can give a quick idea of how well an agency is going to be able to handle your issues.

Email Tools

The best agencies have experience using all of the email tools, and they should tell you which are the most popular, what the strengths and weaknesses of each tool are, and which tools should be avoided. In discussions about tools, it is important to see what the vastness of knowledge actually is.

Any agency worth your time is going to be able to go into exhaustive detail about the possible email tools available to you. Any agency that cannot discuss tools at greater length should probably be avoided.

Avoiding Spam

People who have been hit hard by spam flags will need an agency that specializes exclusively on reviving domains with negative email reputations. You will want to work with an agency that knows how to stay out of the spam box.

You are entitled to ask new agencies about how they stay out of spam, what their processes are to keep things clean, and early warnings that they like to look for. Agencies should be thorough in their answers to these kinds of questions.

Company Culture

When you are choosing an email marketing agency to work with, you will be entering a business relationship with another business entity that deserves to be looked at. You will want to be sure that you have a similar company culture as the agency you are working with.

You may want to ask for examples of other clients or even the work performed to ensure that your business will fit best with what the email marketing agency does. If you pick an agency with a completely different culture, you could risk emails that do not reflect your values accurately and ultimately turn away potential customers.

Finding an Email Marketing Agency

When you are seeking an email marketing agency, it will not be a simple process. You will need to take a number of steps to get the best results.

Line up your in-house team

Email marketing agencies essentially function as an extension of your in-house digital marketing team. This means that you will want to have meetings with stakeholders in your company to align relevant teams on the need to work with an email agency, communicate how the agency’s work would impact your business and why it is necessary, and appoint employees to work directly with the email marketing agency.

These steps will ensure that the agency and your company are aligned in their goals.

Prepare for discovery session

Working with an email marketing agency does not mean simply jumping into a proposal or contract. Your specific issues are going to need to be addressed before solutions can be offered for your problems.

This means that you should expect to fill out an inquiry form before engaging in a discovery session. An email marketing discovery session is an in-person often multi-hour session with an expert email marketing consultant who examines your current situation, questions what you are currently doing, and identifies possible answers to your problems.

Get research and strategic recommendations

An email marketing agency should do an extensive amount of research on your current campaigns before making any proposal. Their work could include signing up for your lists and looking at your current campaigns, mapping out your signup flows, checking landing pages and signup offers, and looking through social profiles and email funnels from other channels.

After performing all of this research, the agency should be able to deliver a proposal. They will also be able to offer specific recommendations.

Secure a working contract with project deliverables

Most agreements with email marketing agencies span several months. There will usually be a formal proposal and contract to be signed.

Take the time to go through the proposal in detail and ensure it fits your needs. The scope, budget, and goals will have to be adjusted before the work begins rather than during the agreement.


There will customarily be an onboarding process customized for you after you sign a contract. An agency typically asks for all of your internal documents and tool access.

There may also be invites for Google Analytics and email tools. You should put together every piece of internal documentation that you have on your email campaigns.

Finding The Best Email Marketing Agency For You

Picking an email marketing agency means being sure about your business goals and desired outcomes from email marketing, considering agencies with desired characteristics, and choosing an agency with expertise in the area you need help with.  

Some of the best agencies include Neil Patel Digital, InboxArmy, Fix My Churn, Action Rocket, and SmartMail.

Email Marketing in Houston, TX

SERP Matrix assists numerous clients in the greater Houston area with email marketing needs. We have a content writing team that is capable of crafting winning emails that are far more likely to be opened and responded to.

You can also utilize our landing page design and testing services to make sure that you are sending your email recipients to the best possible pages for results. We will be able to study how your links are performing and work to correct and issues.

If you have a newsletter you deliver via email, SERP Matrix can also assist with newsletter advertising. We also handle social media marketing, PPC advertising, and reputation management.

Houston Email Marketing

Did you need help with email marketing in Houston or another community in Harris County, Texas? Make sure you contact SERP Matrix right away to get answers to all of your questions.

We are ready and able to address all of your email needs. You can have us take a closer look at your case when you call (713) 287-1134 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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