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How to Create PPC Campaigns for Real Estate Marketing


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How to Create PPC Campaigns for Real Estate Marketing

Smaller real estate businesses do not have to rely on third-party databases to get traffic for listings through real estate marketing. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can bring individuals directly to real estate websites.

With PPC, you will have the opportunity to appear without being lost among a sea of competitors. And PPC campaigns are not difficult to set up

PPC Real Estate Marketing Trends

According to Statista, there were 6 million homes sold in the United States in 2019, although that number was projected to decrease to 4.8 million by 2020. The number of home sales has steadily risen since 2011, except for a slight dip in 2014.

When most people search for buying homes in a particular market, the most prominent search results are larger websites such as Zillow and It can be incredibly difficult for a smaller real estate company to get strong footing on search engine results pages (SERPS), which is one of the advantages of PPC.

With a successful PPC campaign, a website could be featured at the top of a page for chosen keywords. This could result in a large volume of website traffic.

While there is a small fee for each click, those utilizing the latest real estate marketing trends will see a healthy return on investment (ROI).

Choosing Keyword Phrases for Real Estate Marketing PPC

With PPC, a company can appear at the top of the SERPs for virtually any keyword. The key for most companies will be determining the most beneficial keywords to use.

It is best to understand your target audience before selecting keywords. You will want to know what your customer profile looks like, the information your potential customer is looking for, and how they will search for that information.

The landing pages that are used must also reflect the keywords being advertising for. It is best to examine your current pages and list all the keywords reflecting the content you have on your website.

After developing a list of keywords, the keywords you bid on will need to be narrowed down to be relevant to both your audience and the pages they land on. In other words, website visitors could be in different stages of the buying cycle, so a person searching simply for information about a city might be still looking while a person who searches for “buy houses” in a specific area may be ready to buy.

When you feel that your list is complete, you will want to go to Ubersuggest to find out the cost per click and level of competition for each keyword.

Optimizing a Website for PPC Campaigns Using Local Keyword Phrases

Location modifiers are incredibly important to real estate searches because people searching for specific cities or areas are looking for homes in those regions. In other words, delivering a page that shows listings outside the desired area will inevitably lead to a visitor clicking back to Google when the listings do not reflect their desired search.

A location modifier is always important to a real estate listing because landing pages need to match search intent. Make sure your listings all correspond to the desired search terms.

Managing Budgets for a PPC Campaign

A budget for a real estate PPC campaign is going to involve a maximum cost per click (max CPC) for a specific keyword. These figures can always be adjusted as you go and optimized for best results.

Mark Irvine reported that the average search cost per click in the real estate industry was $2.37, and the average click through rate was 3.71 percent. The average conversion rate for real estate was 2.47 percent and the average cost per action was $116.61.

Remember that PPC success is not completely based on the price paid, as the quality of the advertisement is also considered. This means that attention must be paid to the ad copy being used for PPC advertising.

Picking the Ad Platform for Real Estate Marketing

While PPC campaigns often focus almost exclusively on Google, it is important to understand that there can be multiple platforms for which PPC could be used. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest offer PPC options, and you could be surprised how well these websites lead to possible customers.

PPC on social media is much more visual media than Google Ads that might be limited to text only. With social media, you can incorporate video, images, and other effects to stand out from competitors.

You should study your followers on social media channels to see which segments of your audience you want to reach with a PPC ad on social media. Instagram could deliver much younger buyers than a PPC ad on Facebook.

Picking the Best Real Estate Marketing Ad Format

You need to know that you will have multiple format options for any PPC ad. Because Google is the largest and most commonly used, the choices offered will include:

Search ads: The most common and traditional ads at the top of a SERP. Generally preferable for real estate marketing because the results appear right near the search bar when a person is searching for a specific result.
Shopping ads: Product-focused advertisements also featured at the top of SERPs. These listings are more common with more specific searches so products advertised specifically match the items searched for.
Display ads: A display ad is a listing featured on another party’s website. This could be a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience, but is also more difficult to judge where the people are in the buying cycle since they have not made a specific search.
Video ads: These ads appear between videos on YouTube and are a more interactive aspect to advertising. YouTube is commonly used as a search engine, so this can be another beneficial way to reach motivated buyers.
Gmail ads: Advertisements appearing at the top of someone’s Gmail inbox and allowing you to reach a targeted audience. The issue with these ads could be buyer intent, as an interest in real estate may not necessarily translate to buying a house.

For most real estate businesses, search ads will be the type of ad most heavily invested in because it typically delivers the strongest results.

Social Media Marketing in Houston, TX

If you need assistance with PPC advertising in the Houston area, you will want to contact SERP Matrix. We can perform all of the necessary keyword research to ensure that you are investing only in the strongest terms.

Our content writing team will be able to assist you in crafting winning ad copy that generates real results. We can also ensure that your landing pages correspond to the search intent of your website visitors.

We also handle landing page design and testing. SERP Matrix can perform A/B testing (also referred to as bucket testing or split-run testing) or multivariate testing (also known as MVT).

Houston Social Media Marketing

If you need help with a real estate PPC campaign in Houston or a surrounding area of Texas, you will want to reach out to SERP Matrix as soon as possible. We will be able to help address all of your concerns and get answers to your most pressing problems.

Our company is dedicated to delivering results for all of your clients. Call (713) 287-1134 or contact us online to get a complete review of your case during a free consultation.

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