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Finding Quality PPC Consulting2

After you have created a strong website and begun to implement a dedicated marketing strategy, you could be wondering what else is needed to generate leads and command big sales. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a huge boon to most websites because there are so many advantages.

For every $1 advertisers invest in Google ads, they get $2 back, translating to an average return on investment (ROI) of 200 percent. The problem for most people is that they are completely clueless about how to run a PPC campaign, but the good news is that hiring a PPC consultant can make a world of difference.

SERP Matrix specializes in PPC advertising and can help you navigate the complexities of buying ads and make sure that you are investing your money as wisely as possible. We will do the necessary keyword research and also perform all of the follow up studying to help you gain the advantage.

You need to understand the importance of a good PPC consultant because they can offer you five distinct ways to help your business.

Market Research and Plan of Action

A PPC consultant will be able to be the person who is capable of performing all of the necessary market research that you cannot do yourself. They will be able to look at the hard data to determine the best moves you can make for your business.

These kinds of insights cannot be overlooked because people who move forward with PPC advertising on their own without this kind of research end up wasting lots of money and not generating positive results. PPC consultants can prioritize marketing campaigns to enhance results and implement the smartest long-term strategies.

Higher Conversion Rates

A PPC consultant can identify the keywords that are not performing up to expectations and help reduce costs early. They can further identify the most advantageous keywords to ensure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

The keywords will be important because a PPC consultant will be aware of which keywords generate sales and work to create better leads. Simply put, a PPC consultant is going to have the strongest grasp of who is actually in your audience and how to reach them.

Strongest Possible Ads

PPC ads typically come in three forms: text, display, and shopping. Your concern with a PPC ad is not just that it will be seen, but that it will be clicked.

A PPC consultant is going to know how to craft an ad that generates results. That means the consultant will handle all the text and imagery that goes into your ad with an awareness of how all of the elements can impact purchasing decisions.

Previous Experience

Whereas you may be completely new to the world of PPC advertising, a PPC consultant is going to have the benefit of several years of experience having handled all of these kinds of issues before. There are few benefits as evident as what comes with such previous experience in navigating the PPC advertising process.

Experience helps people understand why certain strategies may not prove beneficial, and it allows for the veteran to walk the newcomer through the entire process with greater confidence. The experience will be most beneficial when it comes to bidding for ads.

Save Yourself Time

Very few people have the time needed to effectively manage their PPC campaigns, which is another great reason to hire a consultant. The consultant will be able to fully invest themselves in studying the returns and handle all of the most time-consuming elements.

A PPC consultant will know how to launch and monitor all PPC campaigns while making any adjustments for success. When a person can free themselves of this burden, they can be left to dedicate time to other areas of their business also in need of attention.

Hiring a PPC Consultant

When you are considering hiring a PPC consultant, you probably have little idea of what to expect during the process. You could have multiple avenues available to you for finding the right PPC consultant.

There are platforms for freelancers such as Upwork or others that allow you to hire people who may be professionals at an affordable rate. This approach will require quite a bit of research on your part, however, to ensure you are getting a qualified candidate.

In general, you want to be sure a PPC consultant is Google-certified, offers a free assessment, provides ongoing management of the account, measures success, identifies deliverables, and is familiar with Google Analytics. You will also want to know who owns the account.

The Google AdWords Certified Partner designation is typically the most desirable trait to find in a PPC consultant. SERP Matrix prides itself on providing the greatest return on investment and even offers a search engine optimization (SEO) guarantee.

When you are meeting with a PPC consultant, they should have an introductory meeting known as a discovery session that allows them to learn about your objectives and goals. Their first meeting should cover your budget, your PPC goals, your unique selling positions compared to competitors, any landing page optimization tactics to increase conversions, and a detailed observation of your target audience.

After the initial meeting, the next phase will be planning a PPC campaign and testing for it. This could begin with a small, inexpensive pilot campaign to test certain aspects but still provide good insights about the campaign.

When you finally reach the full-scale execution of the campaign, it may be short-term, long-term, or ongoing. The PPC consultant will monitor the results and also adjust the spending as necessary, although you may have concerns you seek to have addressed on your own.

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, you will want to be looking at a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Some of the most important KPIs are generally the average click-through rate, the quality score of your ad content, the impression share that tells you how many people has have seen your ad, the average cost-per-click (CPC), the conversion rate, the cost for action/cost per conversion, and the average position of your ad.

When you are seeking a PPC consultant, make sure you are looking for all four of the following:

Proven Record of Results

You want to see actual results your PPC consultant has garnered. SERP Matrix will be willing to show you some of its most effective PPC campaigns.

Current on PPC Best Practices

Know that your PPC consultant is current with all of the latest trends by asking which tools they use. Ask questions about Google Analytics, Certified Knowledge, and Adalysis use. SERP Matrix will provide you with complete PPC reports.

Review the Portfolio

Look at what other companies a PPC consultant has worked for. SERP Matrix has experience working in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, construction, financial services, health care, legal professionals, and oil and gas among others.

See Past Testimonials

PPC consultants should not be hard pressed to find testimonials from past clients to give you. These testimonials can help shed some insight on the kind of relationship you could expect to receive.

SERP Matrix | SEO Assistance in Houston, TX

If you are seeking help with a PPC campaign in the greater Houston area, you will want to be sure you get in touch with SERP Matrix. Our team has advanced PPC knowledge and we can also assist you with landing page design and testing, social media marketing, and link building.

SERP Matrix has a proven record of success that includes numerous cases of increased revenue for companies of all sizes and sizable growth in website traffic as well. You can have us review your case and discuss your options with you when you call 713-287-1134 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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