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How to Rank on Page 1 of Google FAST (In-Depth Case Study)


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How to Rank on Page 1 of Google FAST (In-Depth Case Study)

One of the most effective search engine optimization strategies today is Guestographics, which is a type of infographic created for another website or blog. Simply put, a Guestographic involves you posting an infographic on your website, finding other websites that write about your infographic’s topic, showing them your infographic, offering them unique content, and then getting valuable backlinks.

A strong infographic needs to have a few things. First, you need to make sure that your infographic relates to a relevant topic that is in demand today. The infographic then needs to contain as much strong information as possible and be neatly laid out.

The Guestographic has been proven to increase web traffic by triple-digit percentages. You can boost your own web rankings by following these easy steps:

Create and Publish a Strong Infographic

Design is only a small portion of what dictates success here, as it is generally far more important that you are choosing a topic that is in demand and will be of use to other websites. You can start by searching for your topic on Google and then hiring the right designer for your project.

When you search for your topics, note the top results and what those pages are lacking. What kind of graphic could you provide that would improve the content and give valuable information to readers?

On major websites that are top Google links, you will often find that the websites generate hundreds of backlinks. Create a list of bullet points to give your designer to create the infographic that will best suit your project.

Find Websites Interested in Your Infographic

When you have your infographic ready to roll, your next step will be finding the other places that might be interested in using it. The simplest way to do this is just to search for keywords relating to your infographic and then recording every website or blog relating to your topic.

Also be sure to use Google Suggest to see additional keyword ideas. Be exhaustive in your keyword search so you can have as many websites or blogs to approach as possible.

Gauge Interest in Your Infographic

When you are pitching a website or blog on using your infographic, you want to keep your initial sales pitch short and sweet. Complement them on something they already have and then mention that you have an infographic that could be of use to them. That’s about it.

Do not link to anything in your introductory email. You may not get responses to all emails, but if you send enough emails, you will get conversions on enough of them to make the effort worthwhile.

Help Make Sharing Infographic Easy

You want to offer to write an introduction for the website or blog to use your infographic. This is not the same as asking to be paid for writing a full-length webpage or blog post, so it does not come off as you seeking any unnecessary expenses.

By offering to write a unique introduction, you are only providing about 250 or so words that summarize what your infographic is about. This approach is useful for the website or blog being approached because you are taking work off their plate and making it far easier for them to just add what you wrote to the infographic.

Add Link to Your Introduction

The most important part of your introduction will be the link to your website that you include in the introduction. While some websites or blogs might just add a backlink to your website through a caption, you can work in a mention in your introduction that feels more natural in the website or blog text.

The links you include in introductions for infographics will help you generate scores of referral traffic and dramatically boost your SEO figures. You not only get backlinks from your infographic donation, but you could also get other natural placements if your infographic is shared on other locations on the internet.

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