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19 Advanced SEO Techniques for 2020


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19 Advanced SEO Techniques for 2020

You have probably read more than enough of the basic search engine optimization (SEO) articles by now that all say the same thing. Perhaps you are dying to find something new that gives more concrete information about what can actually help improve SEO results.

Here now are 19 different ideas for ways that will help generate loads of new visitors to your website. If you incorporate the following steps, you will be sure to see a dramatic impact in your SEO rankings.

1. Use “Journalist Keywords”

Keep in mind that when a journalist needs a statistic for an article they are writing, they will frequently head to Google to search for results. You can give yourself the best chance of getting a solid backlink by placing keywords relevant to journalists in your text.

Using statistics is a golden way to get journalism backlinks that can greatly improve your own SEO rankings. You can greatly increase the number of referring domains to your own webpage when you use more journalistic keywords.

2. Use Animated Images to Improve Time On Site

Animated Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are essentially higher-quality GIFs and they are effective in getting people to stop and really look at your page. The result is that people will spend more time on your page and increase your average session duration.

3. Create Content Hubs

A content hub is a collection of internal links that are usually organized by category, and these can be extremely useful to many website visitors. Hubs do not contain lengthy text descriptions but are instead intended more to match a person’s search query.

When you create a hub, you can internally link to a number of pages and help boost the value of all pages. A person who visits a hub could spend lots of time exploring all the links in your hub instead of going back to their search results.

4. Target Comparison Keywords

Do not underestimate the frequency with which people will use “vs” in their searches. In many cases, you can benefit by simply creating pages that compare yourself to a competitor because chances are good that people will be searching for that exact topic.

In addition to the competitor searches, you can also use “vs” posts to discuss products you may be selling. Compare your own products to those of a competitor as well.

5. Use Dynamic Parameters for Pagination

A crawl budget is the number of pages Googlebot crawls and indexes on a website within a given timeframe, and if Google doesn’t index a page, the page will not rank for anything. You can use the URL Parameters tool in Search Console to prevent Google from crawling paginated pages.

When you use dynamic parameters for paginated pages, the new format helps Google figure out paginated page URL patterns. As a result, Google will spend less time re-crawling paginated pages.

6. Build Backlinks With Podcasts

Appearing on a podcast is generally a great way to get a backlink to your website. Podcast appearances are far easier to get backlinks for than writing guest posts on websites because the latter will involve taking the time of writing an article and going through all editing procedures necessary to get the post published while appearing on a podcast is simply a matter of showing up and talking.

You can increase your possible podcast appearances by seeking out possible podcasts to appear on and pitching your knowledge in an area relevant to their audience. Make sure that you have a high-quality USB mic for these appearances.

7. Forge a Content Alliance

Content alliances allow you to team up with other businesses, websites, or social media outlets to promote single pieces of content. When you team up with another platform, there is no telling how much of a bump you could see in your traffic.

You not only get access to additional data, but you greatly expand the size of your possible audience. Search for other outlets that may be interested in working with you.

8. Maximize SERP Real Estate

The phrase SERP real estate relates to how much of the first page results you occupy on Google. When you control more real estate, you generate more traffic.

Medium articles, guest posts, YouTube videos, featured snippets, rich snippets, and top stories are some of the best ways you can increase your SERP real estate. When you can get any of these to rank more highly, you will likely increase your web traffic.

9. Embed Original Images In Your Content

You need to understand that duplicate images, such as stock photos, can negatively impact your page rankings. Try to work with a graphic designer to create images that are entirely original so you can have the best chance of ranking as highly as possible.

These visuals are not always cheap, but even simple screenshots can be efficient in certain circumstances. Creating dynamic original images can also lead to the images being shared and you gaining valuable backlinks.

10. Optimize Your Content For Keyword Relevance

While Google once based its rankings purely on the number of times a keyword appeared on a webpage, its system is far more advanced these days. The result has placed a greater emphasis on LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, which are keywords that are semantically linked to main keywords.

A number of websites offer help finding the right LSI keywords to include in your content. Using LSI keywords will help you rank higher for your main keyword.

11. Create a Comments Section On Your Blog

Comments not only can be a direct ranking factor, but they also give website visitors something else to read and do, which increases the amount of time spent on your page. Just as important, Google crawls, indexes, and ranks based on comments as well.

You need to also invest time in managing your comments to avoid any spam comments that could negatively impact your rankings. Replying to comments also helps improve the performance of your page.

12. Uncover People Also Ask Keywords

SEMRush reports that nearly 40 percent of all Google search results contain a People Also Ask section. You will want to optimize your content to be relevant for these kinds of questions.

13. Add “Content Features” To Your Page

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines state that Supplementary Content is important because it “can help a page better achieve its purpose or it can detract from the overall experience.” Supplementary Content could include a wide variety of features, from charts to summaries to calculators.

The bottom line is Supplementary Content is another feature that grabs the eyes of a visitor and leads to them spending more time on your page and possibly interacting with it. These kinds of features help boost organic traffic.

14. Publish Topic + Year Content

Broad topics are always difficult to rank highly in SEO for, but you can give yourself a better chance of ranking highly when you customize content around a given year. This tactic involves much more than simply slapping a given year onto your URL.

Customize all content around the given year and make the topic focus on the trends in that year. This will be beneficial for the high number of searches in which people are actually searching for a topic and the most recent year.

15. Get Backlinks From Unlinked Brand Mentions

If your website has ever been mentioned on another website but not linked to, you have every right to request a backlink. You need to ask as quickly as possible though in order to maximize effectiveness.

People will be much quicker to update recent posts than older ones. Use a website to search for all unlinked mentions.

16. Optimize for Google Discover

Google Discover is a scrollable list of topics that users can browse on mobile devices. Google states that content is automatically eligible to appear in Discover if it is indexed by Google and meets Discover’s content policies, as no special tags or structured data are required, but being eligible to appear in Discover is no guarantee of appearing.

Google has said that the two best ways to boost the ranking and performance of Discover content are posting content that people would find interesting and using high-quality images in content. In other words, you want to make sure you are using a super high-res og:image.

17. Find Low-Competition Keywords From Reddit

Plug a subreddit into another website like SEMRush or Ahrefs to see what keywords that subreddit ranks for. You can easily make your own content better than a Reddit thread by adding multimedia, organizing your information, and including external links.

18. Visualize Your Sitemap

Perform an SEO site audit to get a better idea of how flat your website architecture is. A flat architecture means that users and search engine crawlers can reach any page on your site in four clicks or less.

19. Find Hidden Terms With Google Keyword Planner

Use the Google Keyword Planner to find additional keywords by plugging a website URL into the field. Google will evaluate the page to provide you a list of keywords in addition to the seed keywords commonly searched for.

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