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Is SEO Important During COVID-19?


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Is SEO Important During COVID-19?
Creating content is essential to digital marketing. Whether it’s content writing, video content creation, or infographic creation, constantly churning out new, relevant information is the backbone of virtually any successful marketing campaign. Right now, the world is going through an incredibly tough time. Business owners and freelancers are struggling to bring in new clients, and many of them are wondering how they can change their process in order to remain successful during this trying time. Like most people, you’re probably wondering how you can successfully create digital content that will lead to increased profitability. You may be the owner of a restaurant that is trying to increase your takeout and delivery orders during this time. Maybe you are a legal professionalstruggling to find new clients and you’re trying to figure out the best way to let your area know that you are still accepting new clientele during the pandemic. Whatever the case may be, here are some helpful tips on how you can adjust your digital content to stay relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research the Questions Your Audience is Asking

Right now, people have countless questions. They’re trying to learn more about Coronavirus, but they still have needs that need to be filled. Even though much of the world is taking this pandemic seriously, there are still people who are trying to purchase goods and services during this time. Virtually every industry has been affected by COVID-19. Though certain fields of work have been able to weather the storm this crisis has brought upon the world, many others are trying to pivot in order to continue to serve their clients. If you’re a business owner, you need to understand how you can continue to satisfy the needs of your clients and customers. Understanding the questions they are currently asking is the first step to keeping your company relevant during this pandemic. Try creating your digital content with the purpose of answering the questions your customers are asking right now. For example, if you own a furniture store during a pandemic, your customers are much more likely to Google phrases such as “affordable couch delivery” instead of phrases ending in “near me”. In addition to this, many people are trying to find out how business hours have been affected by the COVID-19 virus. These are only a few of the questions you should be trying to answer, but if you’re in the beginning stages of pivoting your marketing, this is a great place to start. Software such as Google Trends can help you facilitate the process of finding new trends in search behavior while developing strategies that will allow you to adapt to these changes. Shooting a short video that informs your customers of the changes you’ve made to your business is a great way to create content that keeps you relevant while satisfying the wants of your customers and followers. If your physical location is still operating during this time, you could also create a blog post detailing the safety measures and precautions your company is taking to ensure the health and wellbeing of the customers who patronize your store.

Create a Temporary Section of Your Website Dedicated to Coronavirus

If your business has been deemed essential, you are probably closely monitoring the updates and changes that have been rapidly taking place ever since this pandemic began earlier this year. Creating a “Coronavirus” section of your website can help you keep your content organized while driving in new traffic. You can use this portion of your digital landing page to keep your customers or clients informed on the latest updates of COVID-19, while also keeping them in the loop about what your company is doing to stay safe and productive while this virus takes its toll on the world. There are many businesses that have made this change by using CMS platforms such as WordPress or Squarespace. If you have a webmaster handling the updates and maintenance duties that come along with having a website, get in touch with them to see how they can create a Coronavirus page that remains visible until this pandemic ends.

Always Remain Genuine, and Let Your Content Reflect That

Whatever your content is, make sure your message is genuine and sincere. It’s perfectly okay for you to make efforts towards keeping your business in operation during these times of uncertainty, but coming across as an entity attempting to capitalize off a global pandemic will lead to a PR nightmare. The Coronavirus has proven to be deadly, and even those who have not contracted the virus are suffering because of its effects. If your audience feels as though you only see this crisis as a way to increase sales, your business may suffer damages and losses that last far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Even after Coronavirus ends, many people will be hesitant to purchase whatever you’re selling if they have a sour memory of how the company conducted itself during a time where so many businesses and families were suffering. Before you create content, you need to understand who your audience is and how their priorities may have shifted during this pandemic. You must understand their feelings and concerns, and figure out a way to effectively quell their worries and provide answers to their problems. This differs from not only industry to industry, but even from business to business. As a result, every person will have a different way of properly marketing their business while retaining a humble, honest, and sincere tone.

SERP Matrix | Remote Digital Marketing

As times change, there will be new challenges presented to companies around the world. In many ways, the Coronavirus has brought upon unprecedented difficulties to companies, but experienced marketers have dealt with similar situations before. At SERP Matrix, the members of our leadership team have over 20 years of digital marketing experience. As a result of this, we understand what it’s like to help a business navigate during a tough time. SERP Matrix has closely monitored the Coronavirus crisis since its start in early 2020. When it first began affecting daily operations in America, we quickly adjusted our business in order to remain safe while still providing first-class service to our highly valued clients. As a result, we have been able to remain in operation throughout this pandemic, and we are still committed to helping small businesses market themselves in these trying times. If you’re currently wondering how your company will be able to stay profitable and relevant while we all await the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, our company can help you. Through digital marketing, web design, and search engine optimization services, we have the skills and knowledge you will need to keep your company afloat. Call us today at 713-287-1134 to learn more about how we can help.

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