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How To Write an Eye-Catching Press Release


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How To Write an Eye-Catching Press Release
In today’s world, so many businesses are using digital marketing services to catapult their brands to new heights. They are relying on services such as search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to give them the boost they need, but sometimes forgotten in the shuffle is the old-fashioned press release. Press releases are still a very effective way of making the public aware of your business’s latest changes, improvements, and announcements. By sending out a press release to the public, you can accomplish goals such as garnering additional media coverage, acquiring additional backlinks, or alleviating customer concerns during a crisis.
However, not all press releases are created equal. There are very specific guidelines you need to follow in order to make sure you have the right ingredients for a compelling press release that gets the type of reaction and response you are looking for. In this blog, SERP Matrix will provide some of the tips and tricks that you will need to compose an eye-catching press release for your business.

It All Starts With a Good Headline

Before you start sending out your press release to journalists and local/national media, you’ll need to closely take a look at your headline. If you expect to get any type of response, you must first create a headline that stands out from the crowd and catches the attention of the individuals you are reaching out to. Typically, headlines should not be longer than roughly six words. If the headline you have in mind is significantly longer than this, consider using a subheading to help get your point across.

Get to the Point

Your press release needs to quickly get to the main point. Journalists and media personalities are inundated with countless press releases every single day, and they will not take the time to read a lengthy article that does not quickly state its main purpose. If you are trying to grab the attention of the reader, make sure you get to your main point within the first paragraph. Press releases are typically 300 to 400 words max, so you don’t have too much room to work with. By quickly informing your reader of the purpose of your press release, you are giving yourself a much better chance at achieving your goals.

Grammar Matters

While it may seem obvious to some, proofreading your press release before sending it to the masses is absolutely critical. Press releases are generally no longer than a page, and you don’t want your message to be misinterpreted due to a misspelling or typo. In addition to this, you also do not want to risk your press release being seen as amateur or unprofessional. While grammatical mistakes are common human errors, it is critical to make sure this doesn’t show up on your press release.

Include Your Contact Information

The last thing you want to experience is a journalist that is interested in learning more about your business, but cannot because they have no means of getting in touch with you. This is a simple oversight that many businesses make because they are under the impression that including their business’s name in the press release is enough information. Make sure you play it safe by also including your name, phone number, website, address, and any social media handles that are associated with your business.

Write in Layman’s Terms

Regardless of how technical your business might be, you need to make sure that your press release can be easily understood by the average person. When writing a press release, there is no need to use unnecessarily big or complex words that may alienate some of your readers. If you’re trying to make sure your press release is read and understood by the majority of people who are made aware of it, write your content in layman’s terms.

SERP Matrix | Press Release Services in Houston TX

These are some of the main tips you will need to make sure you are composing a compelling press release that won’t go unnoticed. As previously mentioned, SEO and PPC are not the only ways of increasing publicity for your business or brand. You can still experience positive results by creating a press release that follows best practices. If you think you may need help with your press release, don’t hesitate to reach out to our company. SERP Matrix is a renowned digital marketing agency with over 20 years of experience. With years of working in this industry, we have the connections and resources you will need to spread your business’s message in a big way. If you are trying to increase your brand’s exposure, we’re ready to work with you to make sure that happens. Call us today at 713-287-1134 to learn more about how we can help.

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