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How To Use Landing Page Design To Grow Your Business


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How To Use Landing Page Design To Grow Your Business
In addition to your website’s main homepage, blog section, social media platforms, and email blasts, it’s also important to have a strong landing page design for your additional web pages. Having a separate and distinct page that gives your prospective customers more information when they engage with your call-to-actions is an essential part of keeping your company’s sales process moving fluidly. As a business owner, you’re probably worried about your website properly representing each and every aspect of your business. While this is undeniably important, from time to time, you may have special offers, promotions, or events that you want to advertise to your target audience. And this is exactly where the power of a well-designed landing page can come in handy. Using a page that’s strictly dedicated to your promotion is a great way to funnel your customers right into the call-to-action you want them to follow. However, it’s a part of digital marketing that so many business people fail to take advantage of. In this blog, SERP Matrix details some of the essential aspects of building a robust landing page in today’s digital atmosphere.

Keep Your Landing Page Content Focused

Your business is most likely a multifaceted entity, but a landing page is not the place to display the entirety of your company’s services and history. Your landing pages should be focused on one thing, and achieving one goal with the prospective customer who is engaging with the page you’ve built and promoted. Focus on the specific offer, promotion, or special event at hand, not the founding of your business and its humble beginnings. Landing page copy isn’t necessarily about telling a story with details, highs, lows, and multiple characters. Instead, it’s there to quickly detail the highlights of the product or service being offered, while putting forth a call-to-action that a customer can follow to gain access to the special offer they are presented with.

Short, Clean, and a Call-To-Action

Landing pages should be short, clean, and containing a CTA. Because of this, it’s not really necessary to a bevy of long paragraphs on your landing page. If you’re currently doing this and not seeing very many results for your pages, consider abbreviating your copy. Try using bullet points, shorter paragraphs, and minimizing unnecessary descriptiveness. These are all winning methods for shortening your copy and making it more focused on the topic your landing page is a representative of. Your landing page should not have a bunch of outbound links scattered all across the page. Unlike a full-fledged website, landing pages are supposed to be a single page that has a single purpose: to get your user to sign up for a special offer, discount, seminar, or whatever else it is that your business is offering and promoting. Because of this, it is imperative that you keep your landing pages focused on the specific offer you are trying to get in front of the eyes of your target demographic.

Blazing-Fast Loading Speeds Are a Must in 2019

For the past few years, loading speed has become more and more important in Google’s algorithm. And on top of that, many users (mostly mobile) tend to abandon web pages that do not load in the first three seconds. Because of this, having a lightning-fast mobile load speed can greatly help your landing page experience more success than had its loading speed been slow, laggy, and inconsistent.

Use An Image, But Choose It Wisely

While a landing page should have a limited amount of content, we wouldn’t exactly call the ideal landing page “minimal”. Instead, it should have a clean, straight-to the-point layout. And sometimes that involves incorporating an image. If you’re deciding to use an image in your landing page, make sure you pick one that is high-definition, and directly related to the specific promotional activity you’re advertising. Staying on-brand is absolutely essential when building landing pages; failure to use quality images can result in extremely amateur presentations that turn off visitors and cause your landing page creation to go for naught.

Don’t Forget About the “Technicals”

Setting up a data tracker to use in tandem with your landing page is a great way to track how well your current page is doing with visitors. Noticing that visitors are not only signing up for your landing page offer, but also engaging with the rest of your website? If so, you may have an eager customer who’s ready to purchase your product or service. Data can also be used to let you know what isn’t working. You may have a certain layout or color scheme you recently implemented that doesn’t have your complete confidence. Using a data tracker can help you figure out whether or not this is having an effect on your visitors and their engagement with your landing page. Whether it’s good or bad news, having information on the activity that takes place on your landing pages can help you measure where you are, and how far you are from where you need to go.

Test Different Pages; Find What Works For You!

Your company may have multiple offers or specials going on at once. Why not create a landing page that is specific to each one? By doing this, you are giving a chance to toy with each specific page and see what works with what. Different content lengths, varying form fields, color schemes, and overall page layouts can all be tested by creating a page for each special offer you company currently promoting. Tracking the data of these pages and evaluating what worked and what didn’t is a great way to plan for the next phase of your marketing campaign.

SERP Matrix | Houston TX Web Design

Now that you know more about landing pages, it’s time for you to use this digital tool to your business’s advantage. However, you may not be familiar with web development, or perhaps you’re just too busy with the day-to-day operations of your business to take an extended break to develop a landing page. Whatever the case may be, our team here at SERP Matrix has your back every step of the way when you need to develop new web pages for your business and its ensuing promotional activities. Our full service digital marketing agency has an onsite team of web developers, content creators, and landing page testers available to help you find the best web page for your business. Call us today at 713-287-1134 for more information on how we can help you generate new leads.

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