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How to Find the Best SEO Company for You


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How to Find the Best SEO Company for You

How to Find the Best SEO Company

Nowadays, it can seem like there are simply too many SEO and digital marketing companies for you to pick from. This industry has seen tremendous growth over the previous decade, and as we enter 2020 and beyond, it appears as though SEO is not going to slow down anytime soon.

If you are unfamiliar with search engine optimization and digital marketing, you may be searching for a company to help your business optimize its digital presence. Search engine marketing is becoming more and more complex and time continues to pass. As a result, individuals who are not currently experts on topics such as Google algorithms and backlink acquisition may find themselves struggling to handle their marketing campaigns in-house. 

If this sounds like you, don’t be frustrated. Countless business owners are investing in digital marketing services these days, and many of them are extremely healthy with the level of service they are getting in return for their investments. Hiring an outside search engine marketing agency and keeping your eyes on your business’s day-to-day operations can actually be a huge benefit. It allows you to work with a trusted company that monitors your advertising campaign while you focus on what’s important to you: the business itself. 

If you’re searching for digital marketing services in Houston, this is the blog for you. Keep reading to learn more about the steps you can take the find the best SEO company in 2020, and scroll to the end to find the best SEO agency in Houston. 


Quality marketing agencies are transparent and honest with their reporting. Trustworthy agency owners never want to lie or mislead their clients into believing false information, but if you don’t know what type of reporting to expect, you may inadvertently end up hiring an SEO company that doesn’t deserve your business. 

If you are trying to make sure your business experiences the growth it needs to remain profitable, make sure the agency you hire accurately tracks your site visits, contact form submissions, bounce rates, and much more. They should be willing to share this information with you so you can know exactly what’s going on and what needs to be done differently next month or year. 


Like any other industry, you must be wary of salespeople who are not giving you the whole truth. An SEO company should give you the flexibility to tweak your marketing budget as your campaign goes along, but when you are first doing business with an agency, they need to be extremely upfront with how much you can expect to spend. 

When meeting with an agency for an initial consultation, don’t hesitate to speak your mind in regards to what you want out of the company. Make sure the project managers know your goals and are completely aware of your budget. This gives the marketing firm the knowledge they need to put together the best possible package for you. 


Like most industries, digital marketers are hesitant to provide their clients with guarantees. While the marketing company you work with should be confident in their services, they are most likely aware of the many factors and variables that must be accounted for throughout the process of digital advertising. As a result, you, the person investing hard-earned money into professional SEO services, should make sure you properly check the credentials of any digital marketing agency you consider hiring. 

When interviewing SEO companies, don’t be afraid to ask them about their recent successes and case studies. While results cannot be guaranteed based on a previous victory, asking the right questions and analyzing the answers agencies give you will definitely help you understand what you do and don’t want out of your next advertising company. 


Like most people, you probably don’t go too far beyond the first page when you’re searching for something. However, if you’re searching for digital marketing companies in Houston, this is undoubtedly one of the times you should do your due diligence by deeply diving into Google’s search results. 

When searching keyword such as “best SEO company near me”, it can be tempting to simply schedule consultations with the top 3 companies who appear, and then pick the strongest link out of the bunch. However, you may be doing yourself a disservice if you simplify your search to this degree. 

We don’t want to overcomplicate things and we know you’re a business owner, so we aren’t advising you to go through 10+ pages of search results, maniacally calling every business listing you come across. This would take up far too much of your time, and it would inevitably take you away from what you do best: (your) business. 

The first SEO company to rank for the aforementioned keyword may not always necessarily be the absolute best SEO company in Houston. However, quality SEO companies typically have updated websites, strong content, and above-average search engine optimization scores. By doing your research and taking a proper look at the many SEO agencies in your area, you will increase your chances of truly hiring the best company for your business. 

SERP Matrix | Houston, TX SEO Services 

We hope this blog has helped you gain a better understanding of everything you need to do to find the best SEO company for your business’s needs. This process isn’t always as swift as many individuals would like it to be, but doing proper research into your pool of candidates is something that will give you the best insight on which agency is the best fit for you.

Interested in learning more about the work that we do? If so, don’t hesitate to contact SERP Matrix, SERP Matrix is a Houston-based digital marketing agency that works with customers from virtually all industries. Featuring a world-class team of search engine marketers, web developers, content writers, and social media experts, we have helped a variety of businesses reach and exceed their goals while seeing a strong return on their investments. Whether you are a law firm, daycare, educational institution, or home services provider, you can count on our proven SEO tactics to elevate your business and get it where it needs to be. 

SERP Matrix is ready to help you surpass your business’s expectations. For more information on how we can assist you, call us today at 713-287-1134. You can also contact us here by filling out our online visitor form.

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