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It may not be as apparent as a cutting-edge website layout or a well-run PPC campaign, but link building is arguably the most important factor when search algorithms crawl through webpages, deciding which ranks where. Because of this, it is important for anyone who’s trying to improve their SEO to actively participate in backlink acquisition. At this point, you may be wondering what this is and how it can be applied to your website. In this blog, SERP Matrix will answer these questions and many more.

“What is Link Building?”

In SEO terms, link building takes place when a link to your website is contained on another site. Webmasters and marketers take link acquisition very seriously, and behind the scenes, it can sometimes be the most time-consuming task of SEO. But because it is one of the top three ranking factors in Google’s current algorithm, productive marketers must adapt by making it a focal point of the campaign. Link building matters because it’s one of the main ways Google interprets your website’s general health. Having a hyperlink placed on a website that links back to yours can have a positive impact on your SEO ranking, and when done properly, this can offer an incredible boost to your current search result placement.


Quality SEO content shouldn’t only be written for Google and its algorithm; it should be written for people, too. If you have quality content writers who are doing their jobs appropriately, chances are you’ve already armed yourself with some killer content that’s going to catch the attention of others.

Start by creating a blog. It’s important to show that you’re constantly learning and publishing information that’s relevant to your industry and helpful to readers. Once you’ve set up a habit of placing this content onto your website, you may be ready to reach out to an outside editor or writer.

People who link back to your website are typically not going to do it without being impressed by what you have to offer. Typically, bloggers and editors provide backlinks because of the exceptional content and web design they’re presented with. By creating high quality content, you’re not only playing to the algorithms of Google; you’re giving yourself real-life opportunities to connect with other power players in your industry, and increase your search engine standings even more.


This may come across as common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many times link acquisition is completely ruined due to a webmaster backlinking to low quality websites.

If individuals are excited to link to your website, that’s something to be celebrated. You’ll typically have to go through a sea of no’s and non-replies before you get to the people who truly vibe with what you have to offer, but take a look at their website first.

A quality web design and SEO company should be able to help you with this part of the process. Today’s search engine marketers have access to tools that allow them to assess a website’s “domain authority”, which is basically how reputable it is in comparison to other websites. The higher the number, the more potential it has to help your website see a boost in the algorithms during Google’s next crawl. The lower the number, the more cautious you should be.

As previously mentioned, you simply can’t make the mistake of linking to low-authority websites. If someone’s eager to link to your brand new blog post, but you see that their website has a low domain score, stay away. Sometimes, these scores will be obvious due to improper web design, low-quality content, or spammy anchor texts linking back to highly penalized websites. But there are still plenty of “pretty” websites that simply should not be linked to, for a variety of reasons. Keep your rankings safe by consulting an SEO agency to ensure you only aim for websites with industry authority.

Also be sure the website you’re linking to has relevance to your company, brand, product, or whatever else it is that your website is representing.


Linking internally holds power, too!

Internal linking is the act of placing a hyperlink on a webpage that leads to another page on the same domain. For example, if you have a blog about pet care and you recently added a new service page to your website about dog walking, it is in your best interest to link these pages to each other.

It’s not abnormal to have select pages on your website highly outperform others. While an ideal marketing campaign would result in every page ranking on the first page, during certain phases (typically near the beginning), you may have a star webpage such as a blog that’s running away while your other pages stay stuck in the mud.

One of the benefits of internal linking is that it helps you spread the wealth. Internal links can help you pull up the ranking of your website while also creating additional industry authority for your business. For example, if next month’s blog post is about pet care and your star blog post is an article about service dogs, you may want to find a way to naturally incorporate this into your new webpage. Not only will it help users further navigate your website, but it will also give your new post a bit of a boost when it’s crawled and positioned in search engines.


If you’re already performing at a high level in other areas of SEO, you may already have bloggers, webmasters, and companies reaching out to you for backlink acquisition. However, if this is an area you’re lacking in or you’re simply just getting started, you’ll have to make the first move.

Websites with high domain authority have it or a reason. It is because they are simply at the top of their crop; people search for what they have to offer, engage with it, consume it, share it, and collectively skyrocket their webpages to the top of search engines. Because of this, they don’t necessarily need a ton of daily link acquisition, but they may be open to the right opportunities.

It’s not complicated; all you have to do is simply reach out! E-mail a blogger that talks about a topic relevant to your business and share with them one of the highlight pieces of your content. Whether it’s an infographic you’ve recently made or one of your best performing blog posts, it should be something that is original, engaging, and interesting to the specific reader you’re sending it to. While there’s no guaranteeing you’ll “get the link”, you give yourself the best possible chances by fulfilling this short checklist.

SERP Matrix | Houston Backlink Services

Don’t overlook the power of link building, but also ensure you avoid oversimplifying it as well. It’s not always an easy process, and at times, you may need to bring in a team of specialists who have the SEO knowledge that’s relevant to your company’s digital goals. With over 20 years of experience building campaigns and exceeding expectations, SERP Matrix is here for you to build powerful hyperlinks and supercharge the exposure of your brand. Call us now at (713)-287-1134 to get in touch with an SEO backlink specialist.

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