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How To Increase Sales With Blogging


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Increase Sales With Blogging

SEO is a trendy industry. There are so many different waves, habits, and trends that take over the industry for a few weeks or months before fading into the distant past. However, one aspect of search engine optimization that won’t be forgotten anytime soon is blogging. 

Blogging is a crucial aspect of your website and marketing campaign that should never be forgotten. Long-form content is absolutely crucial to remain highly ranked in search engines, and if you don’t have this, you may see your rankings plummet at any moment. Because of this, you need to have a content writing service that’s steadily putting out content on your behalf. 

The good news is that bloggers are typically some of the most personable people in the world. They have a gift with words, they’re ready to tell a story, and they’re willing to tailor their voice to the person they’re writing for. As long as they make sure they don’t forget to sprinkle in some keywords and alt tags in there, they’re worth the investment as long as it ensures you won’t have to handle anymore writing duties.  

Keep the Content Long

Long-form content is ideal when blogging, and it also helps with targeting keywords. You should always try to make your information posts as detailed as possible, and when appropriate, your blog posts should be at least 1000 words.  However, virality is something you should have in mind at times. Don’t be afraid to try and create new, different kinds of blog posts that your audience may not be expecting. The more they enjoy it, the more it will be shared, causing your business’s messaging to spread like wildfire. 

Like all of the rest of the content on the Internet, even your blogs should be tailored to both user experience AND those algorithms that seem to never leave us alone. Long-form content performs well with proper keyword usage, and when you combine these lightly technical aspects with an incredible story that connects with people, you’re going to be in a very, very good place with your SEO.

Keep It Interesting With Images

Yes, the written content typically comes first when writing a blog post, but make sure you supplement your blog posts with quality pictures and videos that are relevant, engaging, and original. Doing this will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the ready and make him or her want to start chasing the same experience you’re blogging about. In addition to offering readers visual stimulation, adding images also helps your SEO efforts. You’re able to add alt tags and other SEO-related information to images when you upload them to your website. Doing this will give you a better chance at ranking highly for relevant keywords that are on your mind when thinking of what your customers may be searching for.

Make Your Content Visible. Then, Let People Know About It.

Digital announcements are important! If you have a blog and you don’t think everybody’s fully aware of all it has to offer, don’t hesitate to politely, non-intrusively give them a heads-up. A simple email or newsletter stating everything you have to offer (and how it involves your blog) is all you need to raise attention and potentially gain long-term readers. If you’re someone familiar with SEO, you probably know that most people don’t scroll past the first page, which is why high rankings are so important. This is also why blogging is important. Take a look at all of those keywords you could potentially target for your business. Why not use your long-form content–typically, your blog posts–to rank higher in the areas you’re lacking in?

Blog Often and Exceptionally

Studies have shown that on average, companies that blog 16 or more times per week receive 3.5x more traffic than companies that blogged 0-4 times every month. While this may seem like a lot, it’s simply one of the best ways to give your digital presence more “shots” at finally ranking on the first page of that elusive keyword you just can’t get. Blogging shows real results, and if your business is looking for a way to increase digital revenue, this is a reliable method. When blogging, make sure you’re providing information to your ideal customers. You might have already built your customer persona, but keep in mind that this potential customer or client may not always be looking to make a purchase when they use a search engine. This is where informational content and building authority in your industry comes in handy. When you impress customers with your knowledge, uniqueness, and expertise before they’re even familiar with their brand, they are much more likely to give your products and services a chance. By regularly blogging and posting new information onto your online blog, you’ll be able to begin building up your archive of industry knowledge. And of course, make sure your content is relevant to your business. Try to find topics that your ideal customers are searching for, but not finding it. You can do this by speaking to your existing customers, looking at online forums, or polling individuals via website, e-mail blast, or social media. “Going viral” is much easier said than done, of course, and most of the factors cannot be controlled. Trying to invest your efforts into video creation and social media posting. Social media is one of the major factors for search engine rankings, and video marketing is a huge part of SEO in 2019, providing customers with visual content they can consume. But the more types of content you regularly release, the more opportunities you have for going “viral”.

SERP Matrix | Houston Copywriting Services

Blogging and regularly posting content is not getting old anytime soon, and if you’re not already doing this for your business, we hope you’ve been swayed by reading this article. Ready to start your blogging and content marketing efforts but you still haven’t found the right team of writers to take your content to the next level? If so, SERP Matrix has everything you need to build master-quality content that pushes you ahead of your field of competition. Call (713)-287-1134 to learn about our content writing, blogging, and social media services.

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