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SEO Content Marketing in 2019, and Why Writing Still Matters


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It is no secret that high-quality content is absolutely essential for any business’s digital marketing campaign. Search engine marketing requires optimized content that is specifically designed to rank highly in online search engines, but so, so many people tend to forget about the user experience is the most important aspect. At the end of the day, real people are the ones spending money on your products and services, not a search engine. And while it’s undoubtedly important to target your marketing efforts towards ranking highly in relevant search results, it takes more than technical SEO to increase your sales.

Properly communicating your business’s message requires written words, and composing component slogans, blog posts, and product descriptions are not easy. Mastering your products and service times, and getting it in front of the eyes of consumers can sometimes be even more difficult. But if you get to this step and you don’t have any content for your consumers to consume, this will leave your marketing plan unfinished and unfulfilled.

Writers hold a special respect in every industry. When you know how to string together words in a way that makes people want to read more, any business will find a spot for you in their development plans. However, so many individuals who are carrying out faulty marketing schemes are forgetting the importance of quality copywriting.


Search engine optimization is getting more and more technical as more competitors enter the playing field. SEO companies and consultants are being forced to push their creativity forward in hopes of retaining an edge on the competition. However, lost in the shuffle of technical experience is the art of content writing, one of the backb