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SEO Content Marketing in 2019, and Why Writing Still Matters


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It is no secret that high-quality content is absolutely essential for any business’s digital marketing campaign. Search engine marketing requires optimized content that is specifically designed to rank highly in online search engines, but so, so many people tend to forget about the user experience is the most important aspect. At the end of the day, real people are the ones spending money on your products and services, not a search engine. And while it’s undoubtedly important to target your marketing efforts towards ranking highly in relevant search results, it takes more than technical SEO to increase your sales.

Properly communicating your business’s message requires written words, and composing component slogans, blog posts, and product descriptions are not easy. Mastering your products and service times, and getting it in front of the eyes of consumers can sometimes be even more difficult. But if you get to this step and you don’t have any content for your consumers to consume, this will leave your marketing plan unfinished and unfulfilled.

Writers hold a special respect in every industry. When you know how to string together words in a way that makes people want to read more, any business will find a spot for you in their development plans. However, so many individuals who are carrying out faulty marketing schemes are forgetting the importance of quality copywriting.


Search engine optimization is getting more and more technical as more competitors enter the playing field. SEO companies and consultants are being forced to push their creativity forward in hopes of retaining an edge on the competition. However, lost in the shuffle of technical experience is the art of content writing, one of the backbones of quality search engine marketing.

Quality content never gets old, and you can never have too much of it. Until you retire, you are going to want to convey a message of confidence, persuasion, competence, and pedigree to your potential customers. These goals are lofty yet possible, but they are only reachable with the help of professional writers. Masters of the English language who also understand the ever-changing digital landscape of 2019 and beyond.

Those who write for a living are much more than individuals who excel in spelling and grammar. These are people who have mastered the art and science of SEO content composition. Alongside elite writing skills, they have developed their research techniques to the point where they can briefly study any topic and create quality content based on what they read. In addition to this, many copywriters of today are also well-versed in other SEO tasks such as keyword research and backlink acquisition, making them valuable contributors to any ongoing marketing campaign.

This talent goes overlooked by many marketers, business owners, and SEO enthusiasts. While everybody is chasing the latest keywords and backlinks, we are forgetting user experience. We forget that quality SEO content is meant to appeal to people, and not just search algorithms. Once you begin keeping this in mind, you will begin to see a true enhancement in the copy you write.


To make it a bit simpler, think of the text on your website as part of the raw ingredients that make up your favorite dish. This aspect of search engine marketing is often forgotten about and overlooked, especially when the finished product (website, high Google rankings, successful PPC campaigns) oftentimes looks so complex and aesthetically pleasing. And while services such as videography, graphic design, and website development are all essential to a robust digital marketing campaign, you need words to make it all make sense.

More and more content is posted online every minute of every day. This may seem intimidating to some, and in some cases, it can be a daunting challenge to go against some of the most seasoned content marketers in your industry. However, something that can always be improved is content.

Different industries require different writing styles, and this requires a team of one or more copywriters with diverse portfolios. Quality written material comes from experienced hands who have created voicing for an amalgamation of businesses and industries. Any business owner who is ready to invest in a comprehensive advertising campaign should pay special attention to the content that appears on their digital platforms. And while this isn’t meant to scare you into shifting your entire marketing budget to daily blog posts, it should give you a better idea of the true value of SEO content writing in 2019.


Content writing for SEO isn’t rocket science that can’t ever be learned. If you love writing, there’s no reason to fear content composition. In fact, if you have a knack for putting words together and persuading an audience, you probably already have an inclination for what it takes to succeed in this industry. However, you should remain wary of the fact that SEO copywriting is much more demanding than other fields of writing. Algorithms continue to change and each client’s industry will require a differing approach. If you can’t keep up with rapid technological advances while also retaining a natural sense of storytelling, you may see your content rapidly falling behind the other writers in your industry.

Being a part of a profitable industry will require you to develop content that stands toe-to-toe with your competitors. And as you become revered and respected in your industry, you will have to incrementally increase your content, ensuring it properly reflects your business.

Think of it this way: if you’re a legal professional, you ideally want to consistently add to your case studies. In addition to letting people know your name, place of business, formal education, and accolades, you should also want to let them know how your business is constantly growing. This is where written content such as social media posts, blogs, and case study presentations can potentially transform your business’s trajectory.

As your company evolves, Google’s process for providing search engine users with the best possible results are evolving, too. Recent updates such as “Panda” and “Fred” have begun the process of penalizing websites offering little to no informational content to their users, and content writers have been forced to learn technical aspects of SEO, including keyword research and page formatting.
SERP Matrix – Elite Content Writing and SEO Copywriting

Technology will continue to advance, but quality writers will continue to have a place in every workspace. Are you a business owner or service provider struggling to understand how to amplify your branding and messaging? If so, trust SERP Matrix to rectify your advertising efforts while bringing in real-life results. Call us today at (713)-287-1134 for more information on everything we offer.

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